Justin Bieber: Fashion Horror In Onesie

Justin Bieber: Fashion Horror In Onesie

Justin Bieber was leaving his hotel in London when he was swarmed by some of the Bieberzombies; their screams echoed throughout the night, scaring many citizens. I don’t know if it was the scream that scared the citizens or Justin dressed in a onesie while leaving the hotel. You can check out the photo at our source. A sight like this is something that is hard to take your eyes off of, you know, the sheer disbelief that someone can dress like that in public.

Justin’s socks didn’t match…if you’re going to wear a light blue onesie then you better damn well wear light blue or white socks. Justin wore black and white socks; that destroyed the whole image of his ridiculous looking onesie.

If a man can’t wear a onesie right then he obviously just can’t sing either, it’s a golden rule of awesomely handsome fashionable men. Also his onesie isn’t creative, with all that money he makes you’d expect he could at least buy a onesie that looked awesome. For example; a batman onesie or at least have dinosaurs and aliens on it. But nope, he goes with the plain light blue one that has Italy on it.

This really bothers me; I don’t think it’s possible to get over such a horrendous onesie fashion. Justin already wounded my love for pop music but now even my love for onesie’s? This is an outrage, Justin puts shame to all of us onesie lovers out there in this onesie loving world. I don’t care if he ever does learn how to sing, but he better fix his onesie wearing.

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