Justin Bieber In Concert With His Pants Down (Photos)

Justin Bieber In Concert With His Pants Down (Photos)

At a concert in California Justin Bieber decided to crouch down and greet his fans and while he bent over and his underwear were completely visible for the world to see because his pants were worn “way” below his waist purposely. People in the audience were not used to this type of so called “fashion”, but his mindless followers stared in shock and some in disgusting admiration.

Now the thing is, people today somehow consider this way of wearing pants a sort of “fashion”, many people I see do the same thing. But I do hope they realize what they think is “fashion”, isn’t what it really means in some other places.

Let me explain, when someone wears the pants at this height in prison it actually represents that you’re inviting someone and you know what I mean when I say “invite”. So it really makes me wonder how come so many rappers wear their pants like that.

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Personally I don’t see how wearing your pants lower gives any benefits to a person, in fact it looks like it gives more disadvantages; they make it harder to walk and crouching becomes a problem. You probably can’t run either, you’ll be tripping everywhere and be an easy target in a zombie apocalypse. I’d also fear jumping up and down, looks like your pants would just hit the bottom of your ankles.

So I am left with one question, since there are no other advantages to wearing your pants that low, could Justin Beiber be looking for something special?

Credit: AAR/Fame Pictures

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