Justin Bieber Ruins Rap And Hip Hop (Video)

Justin Bieber Ruins Rap And Hip Hop (Video)

A friend of mine thought it would be funny to show me Justin Bieber trying to rap. It turned out to be just a sorry excuse for an attempt at hip hop and it was in no way freestyle. It was just so obvious that Bieber prepared this ahead of time, since he requested the instrumental and even the pre-written rhymes were horrible.

Beiber actually says “Kicking it in Japan, kung fu.” Bieber… do your research, kung fu is a Chinese martial art and it is in no way connected to Japan. If you’re going to use a metaphor at least have it make sense, don’t just do “whatever” rhymes because it shows your lack of knowledge and skill for rap.

It really baffles me how Bieber made it into the music industry, his singing is incredibly annoying, he should just stick to what he is doing already, we do not need Justin ruining another genre of music. If Beiber wants to rap, he needs to stop being so full himself and actually take the time to learn how to do it.

Rap isn’t something that comes naturally; it takes so much time to understand rap and so much more time to actually get any good at writing it. Beiber makes rap look like a joke, this was in no way a traditional freestyle, off the top of his head. Rather, it was a HUGE insult to a hip hop fan like me!

Do you agree with our reporter?  Is Justin just a vacuous teen idol with no true talent other than to make little girls giggle?  Let us know in the comments below.

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