Justin Bieber Was a Major Douche Bag in London

Justin Bieber Was a Major Douche Bag in London

Justin Bieber was in London, England for one reason, to simply premiere his new album and while there ended up just being a total douche bag by insulting the locals accents, the country and ending it with just whining and complaining.

As Justin got on stage, star of The Voice UK, Reggie Yates offered Justin a seat on stage to which he replied, “No, I want to introduce my song.” Talk about being incredibly rude and in front of many fans as well, what a stupid move.

After about three songs in they had to cut ‘All Around The World’, because Justin started whining about the sound system saying, “It sounds bad!” Another checkmark on the tally of douche baggery, nice move Justin!

Reggie brought up the question on how Bieber felt on being compared to Justin Timberlake on his new single ‘Boyfriend’ and he answered, “I sound nothing like Justin Timberlake” and arrogantly introduced his next song ‘As Long As You Love Me’ saying, “It’s a really, really, really good song.” Adding “But it’s probably gonna sound like crap through these speakers.” Another point to Bieber, he just keeps digging his grave.

As his song ‘Be Alright’ came on the little brat started explaining his inspiration for the song saying, “I was in some random country,” and his manager interjects with “Indonesia.” He can’t even remember the country where he gained inspiration for in this song? Indonesia happens to be the 4th most populous country on the planet.  Just pathetic, but it goes on, he then says, “I recorded it in a studio, some little place. They didn’t know what they were doing.” Not only does he insult the people of England but also Indonesia, that’s two points right there!

Then Justin was asked if he would talk about his relationship with his girlfriend Selena Gomez and he said, “I’ll talk about everything. I’m going to put it right out there, sex and everything.” Now he’s just acting so childish, to me it feels like this could be insulting to Selena as well.

Finishing this huge disaster Reggie had some questions from the assembled hacks for Justin, He actually answered in an English accent and told Reggie, “It’s ‘think’ with a ‘th’, not an ‘f’.” How much of an idiot is Justin!? You just insulted this guy’s accent, there’s no way in hell that that would ever be considered funny and with his whining throughout the whole premier, everyone else would have felt that he was also being a little brat.

Justin Bieber has no respect, and how much do you want to bet that those speakers had nothing wrong with them. The fact is that this little joke of a brat just can’t sing. Who cares about how many charities he helps, a douche bag is a douche bag and he proves to be overly recognized as one.

18 responses to “Justin Bieber Was a Major Douche Bag in London”

  1. lynayn says:

    I’ve always ‘fought’ he was a rude, arrogant douche bag who couldn’t sing, and I fink even more so now. A terrible role model.

  2. Lu says:

    Simply Uneak if you actually did some research before writing this crap piece instead of copying what the Mirror (gossip mag) reported, then you would not look like a complete douche. There is video of the interview on you tube and NONE of the things you wrote about happened. Also the story from the Mirror was discredited yesterday as false. Idiots like you give writers a bad name. Try not to hop on a hot topic when it can be easily disproven with a google search.

  3. Aja. says:

    The fact that all of this is bullshit makes me laugh. Justin was asked about sex in songs. He got embarrassed, and THEN said, “Just put it right out there!”. Anyone reading this, WATCH the interview on YouTube and THEN judge, because it was nothing like this. 

  4. Random guy frum random country says:

    Here we go again.., BJ pulling up her spoiled brat antics again…

  5. rachelsssss says:

    You called that as a joke bieb? I called you douche bag! Well guess, bieber got another hater. Me, an Indonesian. Damn you bieber!

    • Leecara13 says:

      The story is fake and the picture was taken outside Maggiano’s restaurant in Los Angeles Ca. on Justin’s 17th birthday March 1st 2011 not April of 2012 like the liar said that wrote this fake story. I wrote two comments which I gave the facts and I doubt if this lying web site will post. It was the Paparazzi that Justin gave the bird to and if you ever see the video of it, you will understand why he did it!

  6. Leecara13 says:

    Justin Bieber is one of the nicest guys in music and and you haters should stop your stupid comments!

    • And I thought they were nice says:

      you are probably a 12 year old with raging hormones towards a ‘girl’ you will never have. GROW UP!

  7. Leecara13 says:

    This picture of Justin Bieber was not even taken in London and it was not taken in April of 2012. Justin did give the bird to the paparazzi on his 17th Birthday outside Maggiano’s restaurant in Los Angeles when Justin and Selena were trying to leave in their car and Paparazzi  was jumping all over the car. That is where the picture is from and not London so you story is fake and you should get fired and sued for writing crap like this story. You are a douche bag for lying when you wrote a fake story like this, to try to hurt a great young man!

  8. Cara Lee says:

    The Voice is a NBC show from the United States and I watched the show with Justin Bieber and it was nothing like what you said and over 12 million viewers know it, so quit lying. I really doubt if you see it. By the way where are all my other comments you cowards.

  9. Cara Lee says:

    The moderator must be on vacation or does the moderator just hate the truth. The moderator really isn’t very good because I do not see any of my comments yet. lol your a joke.

  10. celebdirtylaundry says:

    You are very welcome, we approve all comments except profanity!

  11. Elliott says:

    He comes across a total jerk in almost every interview. Maybe he wouldn’t feel so clever if lots of people started to unfollow him on twitter (but i’m sure he’d just buy some more followers)

  12. ….and the reasons for the charities is for tax write offs. So there ya go. TOTAL DOUCHE.

  13. TBH, haters are gonna win in the long-run. Celebrities who become celebrities as children stay children (mentally). The beast born from his manhood will stay a sickly little chihuahua.

  14. And I thought they were nice says:

    what kind of canadian is he?