Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Exists!

A Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sex tape exists? Come on you KNOW it does. Duh! Kimmy K got famous off of a triple X tape with Ray J so you know dang well that she didn’t just stop at one tape. And with as frisky as rapper West is, don’t be surprised if a Kanye and Kim tape footage leaks online or is attained by some porn company like Vivid Entertainment. Hey, I’m just saying!

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time now that Kim and Kanye engaged in a little movie action and just last week we got a little glimpse of West partaking in a tape with a Kim Kardashian look alike. Truth of the matter is that that supposed lookalike could very well be the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star. We’ve got more details on that href=”https://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2012/kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-lied-mony-monn-sex-tape-kim-0923/” target=”_blank”>here.

Reports also indicated that West has TWO sex tapes that are currently being shopped. So not only does he have that one with supposed Kim K look-alike, there is yet another tape floating around. You know at this point that West is dying to keep this tape out of the wrong hands. If anyone is going to profit off some buck wild goodness, it’s Ye! If anyone is going to leak the tape, it has to be Ye! Time will tell as to whether Kanye is able to dish out some dough to keep the tape out of production and out of the hands of someone else to profit.

It is only a matter of time, my friends. There WILL be a Kanye West, Kim Kardashian sex tape making its way to the internet and heck, Kris Jenner probably recorded the whole got damn thing! That money hungry mama has no shame!

  • granky161

    That’s not Kim Kardashian. You are turning speculation into facts.

  • Horrez White

    Lord have mercy on these two eggheads.

    • Jerry Garba

      Hi sis, are you still on fb? How are you?