Kate Middleton Cries On Camilla Parker-Bowles’ Shoulder

Kate Middleton Cries On Camilla Parker-Bowles' Shoulder

Kate Middleton still misses her mom, Carole Middleton. If you’re one of the most famous women on the planet, you won’t get as much time to see your mommy dearest, so the quality time you do spend talking over the phone and being with one another, shouldn’t be taken for granted. According to a new Now magazine report, Kate was with her mother over the Christmas holidays, but alas, the Christmas holidays have to end soon and Kate needs to return back to reality without her mother. Luckily for Kate, she has Camilla Parker-Bowles to talk to when she feels like havin’ a chat.

Seriously now? Is this a joke? Why would she talk to Camilla “Horse Head” Bowles? And most importantly, what will they talk about? How Camilla stole Prince Charles? How wonderful Camilla’s life is in the Royal family? It sounds like a cancelled sitcom.

A source reveals, “Kate spends hours each week calling her mum. She gets lonely without her, so it’s nice for Carole to know Kate’s got Camilla.” Allegedly, much to our surprise, Kate and Camilla are extremely close and Camilla knew of Kate’s pregnancy even before The Queen did! When Kate was rushed to hospital with extreme morning sickness, “Camilla was the first outside of Kate’s immediate family to know.” Slap us with a small Indian kid and call us Sanjeev, but isn’t Kate the one who is trying to get back at Camilla with the baby naming? What could they possibly have in common?

Prince William is returning to the RAF very soon, so, according to the magazine, Camilla will stick around to look after Kate while her husband is away. We just hope that Camilla isn’t planning to go all Misery on Middleton when she sits by her bedside and sings lullabies.

Now wouldn’t that be a story to tell…

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