Kate Middleton Forced To Dismiss Pippa Middleton From The Royal Family

Kate Middleton Forced To Dismiss Pippa Middleton From The Royal Family

This week’s edition of Us Weekly has the cover story ‘Pippa’s Big Mistake: Royal Scandal,’ and a royal scandal it has become!  Pippa Middleton, now known as Pistol Pippa is in hot water with both her sister, Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William’s grandmother.  In fact, as we reported on CDL Kate and the Queen are thoroughly disgusted with Pippa.

Needless to say the royal in-laws are not pleased with Pippa’s wild behaviour. “This is embarrassing for them,” a royal source says.   Duchess Kate has been out of sorts with Pippa for some time over what Kate sees as Pippa’s taking advantage of her royal connection in terms of her and personal life.  Now the shocking photos of Pippa on the rollicking gun-waving wide have really driven Kate to distraction.  A source says that the photos: “have put Kate in a very difficult position.”

The man pointing the gun in the photos has been identified as Romain Rabillard, a 36-year-old French attorney, who represents German firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch.  Rabillard hangs with a crowd of chic Parisians, including wealthy clothing designer Viscount Arthur de Soultrait, a BF of Pippa’s, whose wild 30th birthday party she attended Friday evening.

As Us Weekly reports:  Almost exactly a year after her sister Kate Middleton‘s royal wedding, Pippa Middleton is stealing the scene again — but it’s nothing as light-hearted as flirty chats with Prince Harry or a derriere-enhancing bridesmaids’ dress.

After partying at a raucous, raunchy bash in Paris until 5 a.m., the socialite, 28, took a spin with three pals in a convertible on Saturday when photographers snapped the foursome — and, in a bizarre turn of events, the driver of the car took out what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol and aimed it at the photographer. Sitting in the passenger seat, Middleton laughed.

Nobody’s laughing now. As revealed in the new Us Weekly, Middleton will be questioned by French authorities about the gun-waving incident and faces nearly $6000 in fines and even jail time if convicted.

Poor Pippa – what is she to do?  Now there is no way any British aristocrat will touch her.  Perhaps she can try for Ashton Kutcher.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

4 responses to “Kate Middleton Forced To Dismiss Pippa Middleton From The Royal Family”

  1. Kim says:

    SHE BETTER JUST BECOME A “NUN”  You are correct who would want to really date her and be subjected to all of this.
    If she complains about the media why was she riding around in a CONVERTIBLE?????? So Kate wanted the golden slippers
    she knew all of this would follow.  So Kate you brought it on.

  2. Loquacious45 says:

    What a lot of BS, she was having a good time at a party in Paris and the paparazzi are up to their tricks again. Besides, she is a commoner and free to do what she likes.
    But she better be careful, as they might get rid of her permanently.  They did Diana, after all when she signed those divorce papers, she also signed her death warrant. So they couldn’t behead her like Henry VIII did so they did the next best thing.  A Mercedes is the safest car on the road, plus the fact her so called body guard should have insisted that she use her safety belt but didn’t, and he lived to tell the tale but keeps quiet for fear of his life.  Another patsy.  Why was the White Fiat never found that swayed into them and caused the crash.
    So seeing as they are making Kate like another Diana so the public doesn’t tire of Royalty, she better watch out for her own safety. The firm doesn’t like scandal and try to keep all their skeletons in the closet, but somehow, somewhere they usually come out!!!!!
    Poor Pippa, she should go off somewhere and lay low and marry a Prince in a foreign land or someone so rich she will be protected herself.
    I wonder what will happen if Kate doesn’t produce an heir and a spare.  She may have a girl first.
    The paparazzi love to make waves and drum up stories to sell their papers. Worse scandals have happened than that!

  3. BeachMama says:

    Isn’t Prince William ultimately to be called on the carpet for this as well?  He’s the one who stated that he preferred this odious family over his own and married himself into it.  This brings in to serious questions his abilities as a leader of any sort.

  4. Konstanze Allsopp says:

    They are all from the same breeding stock. What did the Royal family expect? You can take the girl out of the trash but you can’t take the trash out of the girl. And that goes for the whole family.