Kate Middleton Teases Pippa About Her Butt

Kate Middleton Teases Pippa About Her Butt

Pippa Middleton has gained fame and notoriety in the last year primarily for one simple reason: her butt. Even her sister Kate Middleton has started teasing her about all of the ridiculous attention that is paid to her posterior.  It seems Kate thinks all of the publicity is “hilarious” and can’t help but poke fun at Pippa. A friend of the duchess’ tells Now magazine,

“She’s done nothing but tease her about her ‘best feature’,” they said. “Not least, because Kate thinks hers is far superior.”

Some have felt that Pippa has taken some of the spotlight off of Kate.  First people were talking about her butt.  Then talk turned to the revolving door of men Pippa has been linked to.  Lately she has been photographed in compromising positions and with questionable characters.

It’s kind of amazing Kate only pokes fun at the butt craze.  It has been reported that Kate sat down Pippa and advised her on the proper way to carry herself.  As of now that lesson doesn’t seem to have stuck.

Kate and husband, Prince William, actually spent part of their first anniversary weekend with Pippa.  The trio attended the wedding of an old school friend.  The royal couple chose to stay overnight after the reception and had breakfast with the wedding party.  No word on where Pippa ended up that evening…

Do you understand the Pippa craze?  Would we even notice her if it weren’t for her sister? Do you think her behavior reflects badly on Kate?  Tell us in the comments below.

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