Kate Middleton’s Due Date Revealed!

Kate Middleton's Due Date Revealed!

Now that we’ve all absorbed the news that Kate Middleton is in fact pregnant and St. James Palace has done their very best to reassure us that the duchess and her baby will be just fine in spite of her hospitalization, now we get to find out some details. Luckily, Kate’s good pal, Jessica Hay seems to enjoy acting as an unofficial spokesperson for the royal couple and so of course, she is ready with as many details as Kate will currently allow!

Hay spoke with Life & Style Magazine this week and according to their latest issue,  “They cried with joy when they found out she was pregnant. Catherine’s been steadily putting weight on since April this year and hasn’t been drinking for a good few months — they’ve been preparing all summer. It was decided that they’d try at the tail-end of the royal tour in September, and that’s when it happened! The difference in Catherine is already tremendous. She’s due in July, which is a month full of significance for William. His mother, Diana, was born on July 1, and his parents got married on July 29.”

If you look back over this past year, it really does seem like the couple had meticulously planned out this pregnancy. Kate got herself healthy while they celebrated the Diamond Jubilee and afterwards, it was baby time. Luckily the planets aligned and the couple conceived pretty easily! It was also announced that thanks to a change in Royal protocol even if Kate and William have a daughter, she will still be third in line to the throne- unless Prince Charles is bumped out of the way as some seem to believe is inevitable!

I guess we now get to move on to baby name speculation! Any guesses? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Libralee

    Victoria Elizabeth new royal name!