See Kate Middleton’s New Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle (Photos)

See Kate Middleton's New Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle (Photos)Tis the season indeed! For new stylish haircuts that is! Kate Middleton has joined the ranks of other high profile ladies who have altered their mane attraction. Miley Cyrus cut off all her hair and went platinum blonde, Beyoncé stayed blonde but got bangs and now the Duchess of Cambridge is paying homage to TV siren Farrah Fawcett with stylish feathered waves.

The chic heir to Princess Diana’s fashion forward ways debuted a brand new hairstyle at the Natural History Museum in London on Tuesday. She recycled a dour green dress better suited for Queen Elizabeth but luckily for her, a woman’s coif can distract from any unfortunate threads. Kate’s new layered tresses which framed her smiling face did just that.

Eyes were keenly drawn to how Kate’s formerly bone straight hair now borrowed heavily from the iconic style of the 1970’s. The ode was replete with a slight fringe and increased volume at the crown of Kate’s head which at times been static. There were also curls and a wisp of shiny locks covering Kate’s brown eyes.

Gone are the days of Kate’s mundane cape being the weakest link of her presentation. She never did much with her it aside from the occasional part or an up ‘do. But at last, her hair has bounce—literally.

Yes, it’s just hair. It’s styled and has sheen and not the most drastic cut that a pair of scissors has ever undertaken. Kate will not go down in the history books as inspiring a new generation to trade in their safety nets for shorter cuts the way R&B star Rihanna titillated the masses. She will not even earn garner prolonged eyes for her new style choice the way pop icon Britney Spears did when she shaved her head. This fuss is merely a welcome distraction from the rest of us eternally being on bump watch. Until that time in the future comes when Kate’s belly is sticking out, a walk back in time does the collective public good that are pulling out their hair until a baby announcement is made.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton arrives at the Natural History Museum to officially open the new Treasures Gallery in London, UK on November 27th, 2012