Kelly Monaco Third Place On Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Finale (Video)

Kelly Monaco Third Place On Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Finale (Video)

Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy won third place on the third season of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars.

On last night’s show Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy danced the Paso Doble & the Freestyle – These underdogs received excellent comments from the judges, and hot final scores. During their first dance, the Paso Doble, Len said, “Well done,” Bruno called Kelly “a thing of beauty,” and Carrie Ann noticed “a little slip-up,” but nonetheless remarked that it was their “best dance.” Len and Bruno awarded the couple 10 points, while Carrie Ann awarded them a very close-to-perfect 9.5 points. Their total score for the first dance was 29.5 – 2.9 points above their 26.6 average score of the season.

During the Freestyle, Bruno “loved the blend of cirque de soleil and dancing.” Len thought the dance was “truly wonderful,” and Carrie Ann said, “The truth is we have been all watching you as a couple grow and it has played into your dancing and you told us a happy ending into a beautiful love story.” Kelly and Val received a perfect ten from Carrie Ann and Bruno, while Len awarded them a near-perfect 9.5.

Whenever reality television show ideas dry up, they bring back previous contestants to compete on an All-Star show off. This television method has been implemented on America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, Bachelor/ette, Big Brother and millions of lesser important late night reality television productions. This was the first time in DWTS history that an All-Stars season was being produced – it was an attempt to rekindle the famous DWTS fire and bring back viewers who lost interest in the show for the past five seasons. However, the downtrodden 15th season of the popular show might have been the swan song we’ve all been waiting for.

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