Kim Kardashian Desperate To Keep Her Divorce Off Camera And Out Of Court

Kim Kardashian Desperate To Keep Her Divorce Off Camera And Out Of Court

Kim Kardashian wants desperately to keep her ugly divorce proceedings off camera and out if court if at all possible. Yesterday we reported that Kris Humphries lawyer will petition the court to have the proceedings televised as he believes this will help the public see how Kim screwed him over and never intended to stay married to him. Kris claims that Kim married him – and filed for divorce – to boost the ratings of her show. But Kim is saying ‘no way’ and has asked her divorce lawyer, the dreaded Laura Wasser, to formally petition the court her divorce be heard by a private mediator and not in the public eye.

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Kim filed for divorce on Halloween last year, after only 72 days of marriage, sparking cries of fraud by Kris and incredulity and disgust from the rest of us. Kris needs a judge to grant his request for annulment of the marriage which will cancel the pre-nup the couple signed – this will free him from the confidentiality clause so he can say what he likes and tell people the truth about Kim, the corrupt Kardashian/Jenner family, and their deceitful ways.

RadarOnline’s exclusive source says “A public trial is the last thing that Kim wants, and she has instructed her lawyer to formally petition the court so that the divorce can be heard by a mediator, which is routinely done in California, since it’s a no-fault state.”

“Kim doesn’t want a long drawn out trial. She wants the mediation to be private, confidential, and legally binding. She and Kris have no assets together and kept separate bank accounts, so this is a fairly routine divorce proceeding. Kim just wants this over and done with.”

Kim wants a quiet and private divorce – Kris wants a public battle and an annulment. Who will win?

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6 responses to “Kim Kardashian Desperate To Keep Her Divorce Off Camera And Out Of Court”

  1. Udboy92 says:

    sounds to me Kris caught the camera bug and is trying to do anything to stay in front of it…smh good luck kim

    • Sarah says:

      isnt that the truth- very immature for someone who was so torn by the divorce….. why would u want the divorce televised? seems to me he’s the money hungry

  2. NEAVEH says:

    she just bad cuz she know if this go to count her fake ass will lose.n the world would see how fake she n her fucking family is..stop hating on kris he is want person who didn’t kiss your fake ass n that is pissing her off..the world don’t give a shit about her useless ass.kris got something 2 fall back on n WHAT DE HELL KIM GOT 2 FALL BACK ON ANOTHER SEX TAPE.STOP GIVING US TRASH AMERICA HAD FINALLY HAD ENOUGH N WE R DONE WITH HER N HER FUCKING FAMILY..

  3. Sarah says:

    wow, how crazy is that-looks to me people will finally be able to see what a lier kris is. especially wanting the divorce to be televised???? for real? that right there just tells everyone that he just wants more and more drama to appear infront of millions and thinking that its going to make kim look bad but in reality its just making kris look really immature and he needs to grow up. private is the way to go anyways in any marriage/divorce. i think he is just the one who wants to make the money- kim could care less about money from a marriage or divorce because you can obvisously tell thats not and was never her intentions- she just got married way way to fast like most people do, and a few months later the puppy love disappeared- it happends to alot of people. kris is just being very immature about the whole situation.

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