Kim Kardashian Tells Rihanna To STAY AWAY From Her Man Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Tells Rihanna To STAY AWAY From Her Man Kanye West

Kim Kardashian has really been throwing the gauntlet down in the relationship she’s “sharing” with Kanye West. She’s gone so hardcore, in fact, that she appears to be limiting Kanye’s social ties. CDL has learned that, recently, Kim reportedly banned Kanye’s friend Rihanna (you’ve probably heard of her) from visiting Kanye in his dressing room! Kim really does know how to control a relationship. While she might be coming across as borderline evil . . . at least she knows what she wants! And it doesn’t involve flirty ladies hanging all over her new man-love!

We all know that Rihanna is notorious for her flirtatious attitude around men, and while Kanye was away on his Watch the Throne Tour in London, Kim wasn’t taking any chances — especially since she wasn’t going to be there to supervise him!

It’s no secret that 34-year-old Kim K is extremely protective of her men; however, I have a feeling Kim took extra special care to call Rihanna out on her wily ways because of her rumored connection to Rob Kardashian.

A source recently told The Sun that “Kim doesn’t want near [Kanye] unless she is there. The fact that Rihanna was linked to Rob probably didn’t help.”

With all this over-protection, it makes me wonder . . . is Kim K insecure? How long will Kanye West put up with all of Kim’s crappery before he finally has enough? Kanye, simply based off the fact that he has a HUGE mouth and hasn’t responded to Kim’s obsessed ways, must really be smitten with this particular Kardashian for him to put up with her. I wonder if Kim’s luggage got stolen because she’s a high maintenance, not-so-nice girlfriend? Maybe the universe is punishing her.

Has cupid showered his True Love arrows down upon these two? I guess we’ll just have to see what becomes of this whole relationship. But just so you all are prepared: if, and when, it comes crashing down things are going to EXPLODE! And all I can say is that the Celeb World better be prepared for the fallout.

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    Kim is 31 not 34, the sun is not credible and i don’t see Kanye letting a woman control him like this. NEXT.