Kim Kardashian Was Destroyed By Her Mother Kris Jenner (Photo)

Kim Kardashian Was Destroyed By Her Mother Kris Jenner (Photo)

The current issue of In Touch Weekly features the cover story ‘Ex Tells All – Destroyed by  Mom.’  Yikes this is the best magazine cover this week – most of the other are either Heidi and Seal or recycled news.  In Touch is claiming that they have information from Kim Kardashian’s ex boyfriend that Kris Jenner is the one who destroyed Kim.

The magazine wants us to believe that Kim was a fun-loving kid until Kris got her hands on her and made her a famewhore.  They go on to claim that Kris pushed Kim to have sex at the young age of 14.  That she brainwashed her and made her obsessed with money.  Furthermore they know how Kris’ secret demons turned Kim into a monster.  So there you have the story!  Do you buy it?  Sound out in the comments below.

It has been rumored that Mom Kris is the reason that Kim filed for divorce so soon from her husband Kris Humphries.  Apparently Mama Jenner did not think Kris was good enough for Kim and wanted her to snag an A lister.

Of course just like you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear we don’t accept that all that we despise in Kim is her Moms work.  To behave like such a bitch Kim shows that the evil seeds were already in her and Mom only needed to water them!

  • truebeauty

    It’s very ugly family inside and out.
    Why American media covered them , it’s a big  big ?.
    Kim is a regular woman with the ugly limbs  +++ botox and more  and plastic surg. /. that gives her make  lots of money’
     Be real that she is ugly but with money they trying to turn her ugliness for money.
    What is more scared that this is IQ of American society. period.
    PS I dont think that kardachians are worse then whore + plain to ugly kate midelton. Kim’s problem that someone too rich and powell didn’t get marryed her. ugly and empty kate mid.  somehow got her empty Will. PERIOD

    • hwyofiuh

      truebeauty you sound like a damn 12 year old you should never comment on someones IQ again…half of your comment doesnt even make sense

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  • leslie holliday

    sounds about right, someone has made these girls with a lot of fear, anxiety, causing discord in relations!

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  • sorry, Kim was a born to be a slut. If Kris J is guilty of anything i would say “incest” because what mother would watch her daughters porno tape and then decide whether to release it or not. What mother is so clearly jealous of her daughter that she tries to dress like her, do her hair and make up like Kim and hangs around Kim like she is a second skin. Kim loves it because as long as the mom is so into Kim, the other Kardashians get scraps from Kris while Kris ensures Kim is the bread winner. When this is all over, you will not see a close family because there is no way Khloe and Kourtney are never going to address the blatant favortism shown to Kim and how the mom let Kim mistreat them as well as others.