Kobe Bryant Loses Three Homes To Former Wife

Kobe Bryant Loses Three Homes To Former Wife

We’ve all heard that saying about ‘taking someone to the cleaners’ – well Vanessa Bryant is doing just that to sporting superstar Kobe Bryant. All’s fair in lost love and divorce.

TMZ is reporting that the property settlement in their divorce is signed, sealed and delivered. Vanessa  – now worth a cool $75 million – boasts an impressive portfolio. She walks away from the marriage with not one, not two, but three of the former couple’s mega mansions in the Newport Beach area. Her lawyers obviously earning their pay packets!

The former Mrs Kobe Bryant gets the swanky estate the former couple lived in, an estate where her Mom is living and a brand new compound which had been under construction for two years. It’s only been recently completed and now Vanessa owns it 100 per cent. There was talk Kobe would move into the estate but that’s not going to happen.

Vanessa filed for divorce from the 33 year old LA Lakers star on December 16 last year citing irreconcilable differences . The pair had been together for ten years after marrying in April 2001. It was a turbulent decade which saw Kobe allegedly embark on several extra marital affairs. In 2003, he was accused of sexual assault. In September 2004 prosecutors dropped the case after his accuser refused to testify. A civil suit followed but was settled out of court. Vanessa standing by her man throughout. They have two daughters – Natalia aged eight and Gianna aged five. They are Vanessa’s number one priority and she’s now super cashed up to make sure they can do whatever they want – and live in whichever home they want.


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  3. Six Starborn says:

    75 Million and 3 Mansions Later, If Kobe would have went to The Rooster, this would have never happened.

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