Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 5 ‘This Is Where The End Begins’ 1/8/12

Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 5 'This Is Where The End Begins' 1/8/12

Tonight there will be two episodes of Kourtney and Kim take New York airing on E!  Stand by because we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute results.  Tonight’s episodes will be 1/2 hour each rather than 1 hour each.   Kim Kardashian has told her fans on her blog that she and her Mom went on the trip to Dubai together after being invited by HollywoodTV‘s founder, Sheeraz Hasan to promote his latest milkshake shop named Millions Of Milkshakes.

My mom and I had the most incredible time in Dubai! It is definitely one of my favorite trips to date! The people were so friendly and the hotel and the staff were amazing! You’ll get to see what my mom and I got up to in Dubai in this Sunday’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, so make sure you tune in at 10/9c on E!

In the preview being advertised as ‘This is where the end begins.’ Kim claims while she was busy “working” in Dubai, ex-husband Kris Humphries was spending a lot of time with younger ladies in nightclubs. Reports claim that he took one of them to his hotel room.   A lot of people are speculating that this was all staged, including Star magazine who are saying that Humphries admitted to having to act several “lines” while filming back in NYC.  Kim continues to deny those reports saying that nothing was staged and that Kris Humphries was becoming too much to deal with.

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode with up-to-the-minute results and it looks like it is going to be explosive, so stop by at 10PM EST for our recap.  In the meantime you can see the preview video here!

Tonight’s Recap: The show opens up with Kim and Kourtney going to Barry’s Bootcamp.  Kourtney is complaining about the paparazzi in New York City.  She says it is 1 million times worse than it is in New York City.  Kourtney says she wishes she could have one day of peace.  She feels like they have no privacy when they work out and she wants to get away.

Kourtney continues to complain when she gets back to her place and complains to Scott that she cannot breath.  Kim says they need to get away to have sister time, so they are going to Connecticut.  Scott asks to go and they tell him NO, sisters only.

Scott, Kourtney, Kim and Kris are having a drink together.  Kris tells the group he wants to go to Toronto, Kim does not trust all the drunk people that will be around.  She says she is not going to go for it she does not want to have trust issues.

Back at the apartment the girls say goodbye to the men they are going to Mystic Seaport, Connecticut to get away and they are excited they tell the men to behave.  The ladies are gone and Kris tells Scott they should bounce over to Toronto and Scott tells him it is not a great idea.  Kris tells him to grow some balls and get in the car and lets go.  Scott says he may just go to prove he is NOT whipped.

The ladies arrive in Connecticut and try to figure out what to do for the day.  Kourtney tells Mason they are going to see the sea lions and the marine animals.

Meanwhile back at the house Kris’ friend Josh shows up and the men are getting read to leave. The men plan on getting back quick and probably getting back before the ladies get home.

Kourtney says Mystic is a quiet town and they are looking forward to a drama free day.  They go to the Marine theater and Kourtney says it is just what they needed, no paparazzi.

The men are arriving in Canada and Scott wants to prove to Kris he is not a washed up father.  The men are posing with girls and they ask them not to put the picture on Facebook.  You know that is exactly where the pics are going.  Scott starts drinking the minute he gets there.  They get ready and show up at the restaurant and Scott is still drinking.  Scott is drunk.

The guys are at the club appearance and Kris is trying to take care of Scott.  A girl comes up to Scott and asks if he can say hello to Kris and Scott says no, he is married now.   All the man are belting back the alcohol.

Kourtney, Kim and Mason are at dinner.  Kim reads her twitter and finds out that Kris and Scott are in Toronto, she tells Kourtney and she does not seem pleased.

Kim is really upset she does not understand why Kris would go to another country.  She does not understand what they need to leave the country to do.  Kourtney is annoyed that Scott went, but she does not want to jump to conclusions she wants to talk to him first.

The club is packed where the men are and Scott is having a great time.  Kris tells Scott he is too drunk and Kris is not in the same place as him and decides to be the responsible one.  They leave and Scott decides he wants to pee and pees in a garbage can and kicks it over.  Kris says they have to get out and get out of the country fast.   He gets Scott in the car and Scott sees a policeman riding a horse and asks Kris who is drinking water whether he can ride it.

The next morning Scott is totally hungover and he does not know how he use to do this.   The guys are laughing at him.  Meanwhile the ladies are leaving Mystic, Connecticut.  Kim is texting Kris and she is furious with him.  Kim asks if Kourtney is texting Scott and she says NO – she knows Scott will be home when they get there.  Kim tells her things like this breaks trust.  The girl really has to grow a brain..

Kris realizes that he has missed 12 texts from Kim.  Kris decides to call her but she does not pick up.  Scott tells him it is bad, he is in trouble.

The ladies get home and Kim walks in the room and asks Kris if there is something he wants to tell her?  Kris says like what, like Scott and I went to Toronto.  She ask him how he thinks she feels her husband was in another country and she found out on twitter.  Crap, what is her problem?  He was in Toronto a couple of hours away.  She makes it seem like he was gone around the world.  She tells him it is shitty and she tells him she tried to call and his phone was off.  She tells him she found out on twitter.  He tells her to stop stalking him on twitter.  He apologizes and tells her he is going to try better.  Kim feels it is a real problem.

Kourtney comes in and Scott asks if she had a nice trip.  Scott tells her he went to Toronto because Kris was going and he went because he was lonely.  She tells him she does not care he went she does care he did not tell her.  She asks him if he thought they needed a 2 hr therapy session.  He tells her to come and slap him and says he knows he needs her to keep him on a leash.

Second recap:  Kris goes to the sink and it is full of things and he is not pleased.  Meanwhile Kourtney finds living with Kris is annoying.  Kim tells them she got an opportunity to go to Dubai to open a ‘Millions of Milkshakes’ and she is going without Kris.  Kris gets to stay with Khloe and Kourtney.

Khloe is back in New York and Kourtney is glad to see her.   Kris comes in and sees that Khloe is back and he does not look pleased.   Kris asks if she is staying in the apartment and Kris says he cannot handle it and goes on the balcony.

Kris comes back and Kourtney tries to spray water on Kris.  Khloe tries to find out how much Kris knows about Kourtney so she starts quizzing him and he does not really want to answer them.  The two are acting like total idiots.  The girls head to Bryant studio to do some buying for their Dash Stores.  Khloe asks Kourtney how life is and Kourtney tells Khloe it is annoying.  Khloe decides that they have to prank Kris or Humph as they call him.

Kim is in Dubai and she thinks it is breathtaking.  It is her first time to the Middle East and she is excited to be there.

The ladies ask where Kris is and Scott tells them he is talking a nap.  They call him a loser and then they start banging things around.  Kris says he has not time for kids games.

Kris Jenner arrives in Dubai and gets to see Kim’s apartment.  Ughh she is repulsive she sees the butler and says he is cute and she is talking him home with her.  They are both repulsive.  Kim and Kris are headed to the Dubai Mall for the opening of ‘Millions of Milkshakes.’  There are 100’s of people to greet them going crazy and screaming.

In New York Mason, Kourtney and Khloe are decorating Kris’ hotel room with toilet paper.  Kris takes a picture with his phone.

In Dubai Kris asks Kim is she wants to take a camel ride with her.  They get on the camels and I am so hoping they fall off.

Khloe is not pleased that Kris is not reacting to any of their jokes.  They decide to buy a snake for Kris and put it in his room.   The snake is disgusting and is crawling all over Kris’ bed.

In Dubai Kris and Kim are going shopping for jewelery.  Kris tries on a bracelet and it is 25,000.  They move on.

Kris comes home and they are excited to see his reaction.  He walks into the room and says ‘Holy Shit.’  He calls Scott and tells him the girls have crossed the line.  Kourtney goes over and picks up the snake and starts chasing Kris around the room.

In Dubai the ladies have press interviews.  They ask Kim if she wants to bring her new husband there and her answer is that he was jealous and wanted to come.  She is happy Kris is not with her.

Kourtney asks Mason if he wants to go to zoo.  Khloe tells her that 99% Kris won’t go.  Kourtney asks Kris and he says yes.  They head to the zoo.  Khloe goes on to say she wants to get to know him but Kris is miserable and he does not try.  Gosh I would not want to get to know them either.

Kris and Kim go out to dinner and Kris asks Kim what she is thinking about.  Kim is feeling guilty because she feels happy that Kris is not with her.

Khloe complains that she has tried a lot of things to get to know Kris.  Now she wants to sit down one on one with Kris to get to know him.  Khloe asks Kris if he likes being married.  He totally ignores her.   She tells him she feels like he gives generic answers.  He just yawns in her face LOL

Kim and Kris are leaving Dubai and Kris asks if she is excited to get home to her hubby and she says not really.  She has felt relief to be away  from him.  She tells Kris she feels there is something in her relationship is not right.  She asks her Mom if it is normal and Mom tells her it is not normal she does not want to go home to her new hubby.  Kris tells her she has to figure things how.

Well that is it for tonight’s show and I cannot believe what crap this show is ughh.  They are scripting this show heavily to look good and they still come out to look like brainless, fake, repulsive airheads.  What do you think of the show?  Sound out in the comments below!