Kris Humphries Admits His Marriage To Kim Kardashian Was A Scam (Photo)

Kris Humphries Admits His Marriage To Kim Kardashian Was A Scam (Photo)

The current issue of Reality Magazine features the cover story ‘Kris Marriage Confession – Yes, it was a scam.’  Wowser! The magazine is claiming that Kim Kardashian‘s husband Kris Humphries  is coming clean and admitting that their marriage that lasted a scant 72 days was a scam.  (Tell us something we did not know!)  They have all the details inside the $19 million deal that fooled fans and pumped up ratings.  They go on to claim that Kris is headed to court to get his ultimate revenge.

Rumor has it Kim hoped that her pre-nup with Kris would keep his mouth shut and her secrets safe but she was wrong. Kris has already called her reality TV shows and her butt ‘fake’ and is screaming about how he was duped by the fantasy wedding and marriage. . Attorneys for Kris are attempting to get the marriage annulled – which will also cancel the pre-nup and any protection for Kim that it provides.  I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until Kris reveals all.  What about you, are you interested in finding out all the gory details?

Also featured in this week’s issue the magazine gives us a sneak peek at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong‘s shocking revelations in her new book.  They include how she was hit during her pregnancy, her proof of the beatings and what her daughter knew.

To find out all this and more, pick up the current issue of Reality Magazine!

18 responses to “Kris Humphries Admits His Marriage To Kim Kardashian Was A Scam (Photo)”

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  2. Guest says:

    Humphries! Really!? Just go away! You are so annoying. I surprised Kim lasted as long as she did having to hear that drone-voice of yours. No one cares what you have to say. You got your 15 of fame buddy. Now go back to work. (and PLEASE don’t pro-create!!!!)

    • Newman12 says:

      I think it’s really FUNNY!!!

    • Esencom3 says:

      Kim and her fake assssss family need to go away! They are each phathetic and do not care who they hurt as long as they get paid!!!!!!!!

    • S S says:

      Kim is a has-been and now no one will ever marry her. she is a stupid fat no talent cow

    • Boone says:

      And those of us who have had to put up with Kim K’s nasally nauseating voice concur that she is equally annoying!  No one really cares what Kim has to say either!   She buys her fans from an overseas fans base company so I am sure that you are really really one of the few real fans she still has!  You my dear are the fool!

  3. Kesterw says:

    Kris needs to shut up. If he new his marriage was a scam why did he get into it.  He is just out for money. That is all it was from the beginning. His ex-girlfriend even said that he didn’t like Kim.  Why don’t you go and try to do a better job at playing Basketball. You are worthless.

  4. Guest says:

    And yet he was on Access Hollywood last night and said everything was real…hhhmmm

  5. Guest says:

    Ok. We all know the marriage was fake. Including you. So why back then did you agree to it, but now you want to show the world now how fake the Kardashians are? I mean seriously. Kim couldn’t have forced you to marry her. Now with the divorce, you’re angry your fifteen minutes offame is over so you’re trying to get it back. Move on Kris. It’s getting pathetic. 

  6. Gabbyann53 says:


  7. Guest2 says:

    Cant make a hoe a housewife!!
    -Snoop Doggy Dogg

  8. Josh says:

    Humphries is a stud. Kim can feel free to go away. Got famous for being a nobody in the first place.

  9. S S says:

    Kim is more than annoying – she is a no talent has been and now no one will want to marry the stupid fake cow. Ha Haa!  Most people feel sorry for Kris, he didnt realize what kind of “carnie show” family he got into! I hope the Judge does order the Marriage a Fraudulent Sham and grants his Request for an Annulment – 72 days sounds like a sham – if Kris can show the least bit of Fraud – her “truths” will be out in the open, not that anyone cares, however then she can’t pretend to be something she isnt! LOL, ol’ drone voice sounds great compared to the ‘hurry change the channel” it’s one of those baby fake voice K-B’s talking again!  Bam! Bloop! Bye!    

  10. Imkeepinon says:

    Anyone who watched the show knows it wasn’t fake. He was an ass and she is to spoiled to put up with someone treating her like garbage. He was a rude jerk to her family and to her. Khloe had it right when she said she didn;t think he was for Kim and she was rushing but she got a pissy and accused her sis of being jeousy. She should have listened.

  11. Asol says:

    Kris Humpries was an A–hole from the beginning. I’m not in love with Kim but at least she has manners. Kris was a smart mouthed jerk from day 1. Someone would have had to pay me big money to marry that blockhead so if Kim made money, more power to her. She deserves it!

  12. Blacks says:

    Yes! Let’s air the dirty laundry in public and while doing that, let us see if Ms. Beyonce, yes Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter will come clean about her “FAKE” pregnancy.

  13. Missfebruary13 says:

    1 dumbass + 1 dumbass= K&K, and the rest of the Kartrashians, they are all a bunch of clowns, just because they have money doesn’t mean a thing, they have no morals!!!!!

  14. NeeCee1966 says:

    I am not for either one…could really care less…but I saw many times on the show how he talked to her. He was rude and hateful. I would divorce any man if he talked to me the way he talked to Kim. That was on camera I can imagine how he talked to her off camera! Still just a little boy inside and no respect for women.