Kristen Stewart Now Jennifer Lawrence’s Girl Crush – Lovers or Pals?

Kristen Stewart Now Jennifer Lawrence's Girl Crush - Lovers or Pals?

Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart were once rivals in the industry, pitted together by nosy news sites and gossip mongers. Lawrence was the break-out star of the year, while Stewart was the cheater of the year. It was a match made in hell. However, according to Hope at Celebs Gather, Lawrence is now crushing on Stewart – and it’s not the “I like ya’” kind; it’s more the “I want to be your BFF and listen to Joni Mitchell until we die” kind.

Lawrence spoke about Stewart in an interview and said, “She’s just really laid-back. She’s one of those people who owns her own energy. She’s down to earth and funny and nice and just cool.” That’s great, really, it is. Especially if you take into account that during the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal, Lawrence publically stated that she would “never cheat” – indirectly dissing Stewart. Also, in an even more recent interview, Lawrence said that “she was glad she didn’t win the part of Bella Swan in Twilight because she wouldn’t want her private life constantly scrutinized like KStew’s.


Their history is as tightly woven as a reality television narrative, and we’re certain that their rivalry will still continue for the next millennium or so. Fortunately, thanks to the gods of Christmas and butterflies and puppies and cupcakes, Lawrence had this change of heart for the time being and gushed over Stewart like a love struck teenager. (Thank freak for that, because we don’t think we could have stomached Fight Club again)

Girl power for the win!

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One response to “Kristen Stewart Now Jennifer Lawrence’s Girl Crush – Lovers or Pals?”

  1. disqus_YMfalzqWkq says:

    Except she never said something along the lines of “I would never cheat,” (that was some tabloid story, not a direct quote) and even if she did that wouldn’t make it a diss at KStew. I don’t know how her quote about Twilight would make it a diss at KStew either, it actually comes across as rather sympathetic to KStew. Jennifer and KStew have actually said really nice things about one another. I remember reading an interview with Jennifer and they tried to get her to talk shit about KStew after the cheating scandal, and instead she turned it around and criticized the tabloids and well, blogs like this and said something along the lines of that the tabloids were exploiting KStew blah blah blah. Why are you so hellbent on creating some “feud” when there is clearly none to be had? Jen’s a cool girl who is not going to be bad mouthing a fellow actress who has done nothing to her, and while I know you think KStew is super evil and all this shit she’s not a catty chick.