Kristen Stewart Struggles To Make Robert Pattinson Love Her

Kristen Stewart Struggles To Make Robert Pattinson Love Her 1130

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are still making it a go. Everyone thought there were destined for the big break up after promotions for Twilight ended but sightings together after Thanksgiving shut people up for awhile. Apparently the couple are still working on their relationship but Rob may be making Kristen work a whole lot harder.

“Rob is at a point where he sometimes ignores her. He’ll go out and won’t respond to her calls or texts right away,” a source told the magazine. “Things will be strained for a while. [They] hang with his friends more. She knows she has to go along with it. She is working hard at the relationship.”

Can you see Rob acting this way? Rob doesn’t seem like the bitchy type hell bent on making his woman pay to me. And Kristen definitely doesn’t seem like the groveling type. She was for awhile when she was in the middle of the Rupert Sanders shit storm but I figured she got most of her moxie back the minute she started wearing those crotch flashing Zuhair Murad outfits.

The source is making her out to be the sad puppy dog, following her boyfriend around, hanging on for any little bit of attention. The source is making her out to be how I always figured Robert Pattinson was in the relationship. Kristen always seemed to have the pants firmly on. Did Rob sense this was his opportunity to change the balance of power? Is absolute power corrupting his absolutely? Could be. Could be. But I think it’s all much less smutty. What’s probably more true is that Kristen used to get whatever she wanted and Rob just went along with it because he never cared and now she’s letting him have more say so. The power isn’t necessarily shifting but perhaps it’s equaling? Rob’s got to know if Kristen Stewart struggles to make him love her she won’t stay around for good? Subconsciously is that what he wants? Whoa. This relationship is deep.


  • nikola6

    These so called sources are coming from USWeekly, the publication that tried to destroy their relationship with the publication of those photos and that highly questionable narrative by a paparazzi (questionable because the photos didn’t match the story that was told). Now think about it. Amoungst those who are close enough to them to know what’s really going on, who would be picking up the phone on a regular basis to keep USWeekly informed with exclusives? Who would betray them to such a degree by giving up such private information about the inner workings of their relationship by going back to the very publication that wrecked such havoc in their lives? (and wouldn’t you think they’d have found the snitch by now?). From the moment USWeekly published those photos, that was the end of any official involvement in this story. They were, are and will remain persona non grata (just as Pop Sugar cooked their goose for displaying papp photos that were taken in Pattinson and Stewart’s back yard and were then banned from participating in any Breaking Dawn promotion). I can understand the public’s ignorance in all of this as for the most part they are woefully misinformed because they are getting their information from the internet, twitter, gossip sites and rags. Not exactly bastions of truth and reason. What I can’t understand is why the rest of the media (both legitimate and yellow journalism such as yourselves), haven’t figured out that anything coming from USWeekly is bogus. Or is it that you simply don’t care? That you don’t care about the crap you spread around as long as it gives you hits? Such silly questions are these in that the answers are obvious.
    Just noticed your headline up above asking whether or not Kristen Stewart slept with Sean Penn to get her role in Into The Wild. Haven’t read it yet, but you might want to be careful there. She was a minor when she made that film (16 I believe) and I don’t think you want to be accusing Sean Penn of a crime that puts men behind bars. Just something to think about.

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