Kristen Stewart The Trampire Found A Precious New Friend

Kristen Stewart The Trampire Found A Precious New Friend

Will the controversy surrounding Kristen Stewart ever come to an end? She has been entertainment news fodder since she became the most hated woman in the world – right up there along with Casey Anthony and Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles. K-Stew hasn’t been resting on her laurels in the BFF department. She has officially found a friend in Gabourey Sidibe, the critically acclaimed actress who starred in Precious.

According to Celebs Gather, Kristen found a meaningful friend in Gabourey, as the two were spotted at the On The Road premiere in New York City. One can only speculate as to what advice Gabourey is giving the trampire. Could Gabourey be supporting a K-Stew and Robert Pattinson reconciliation? Could she be nudging Kristen along a self-righteous path of enlightenment? Could Kristen be crying in a vial of glitter while Gabourey holds her tiny little hand?

Many of Kristen’s friends have been urging her to reconcile with Pattinson. Yes, we do agree that Kristen shouldn’t be lambasted her entire life for this transgression and that she should be forgiven by the media and Pattinson’s fans, but a reconciliation effort would merely add fuel to the raging flash fire of indiscretion.  We think Kristen should wrap up her future projects and go live on an island until this entire scandal blows over, because not even someone as precious and as beautiful as Gabourey Sidibe would be able to save this trash-faced bitch from self-destruction.


Oh, and Gabourey? You shouldn’t be so close to Kristen – your stellar career and reputation will become jeopardized. How does that age old saying go? Ah, yes, “You are judged by the company you keep.” We wish Kristen a beautiful future filled with puppies and the tears of unicorns, but until then, we’ll be watching her every move…

Photo Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures and FAMEFLYNET

2 responses to “Kristen Stewart The Trampire Found A Precious New Friend”

  1. deserrie says:

    oh shut the #@$%^&*()_ off! I bet you have done indiscretion too, in your lil’ pitiful life! Leave this Kristen Stewart story alone now, for crying out loud. Don’t you have anymore better stories to tell? Can’t you find any more other interesting gossips? You keep on harping about this cheating scandal for soooooo long, as if we still care. Go out there and get a new piece of material instead of sticking to this old dirt that nobody gives a #@$%^&*() anymore.

    • Renier Palland says:

      Firstly, my life hasn’t been “pitiful” and secondly, I have never publicly cheated on my partner. Why should we leave it alone? She did what she did. Karma’s a bitch.