Kristen Stewart To Be An Action Star!

Kristen Stewart To Be An Action Star!

Life just keeps on looking up for Kristen Stewart.  Not only is she dating my boyfriend Robert Pattinson, she has several highly anticipated movies coming out that will undoubtedly have fans see her step away from her Twilight character Bella Swan.

With her upcoming movies Snow White and the Huntsman and On the Road due out this year, next up for KStew is the gritty action flick Cali.  The 22-year-old has just inked the deal to play Mya, a young woman from the San Fernando Valley who along with her boyfriend is a con artist with a “penchant for bad choices and dangerous behavior”.  After making the big bucks from a con where her and her boyfriend fake her own death in a snuff film, the two ride off into the sunset leaving California behind them.   Trouble later ensues after they must return to save Mya’s younger sister from a wide range of villains including homicidal porn stars, and former business partners.

 The film, written and directed by Michael Dillberti of 30 Minutes or Less, will have Kristen playing a much more edgy and sexy role than we are used to.  Not only is Kristen set to star in the film, but she is also expected to produce it as well.

 While the hunt is still on for Kristen’s co-star, filming is set to begin at the end of the summer. As for Kristen’s other films, they are both due out his summer.  This year is looking good for Kristen!

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