Lindsay Lohan And Sam Ronson Are ‘Just Friends’ Not Lovers

Lindsay Lohan And Sam Ronson Are ‘Just Friends’ Not Lovers

Lindsay Lohan is not sleeping with Sam Ronson despite rumors to the contrary.  Sam and Lindsay were spotted hanging out together in NYC this week at Le Baron but sources report it was just a friendly get together for the old pals.

Apparently there was no sex involved Thursday night when the former lovers hooked up for a reconciliation and revival – at least a revival of their friendship, if not their courtship.

TMZ has the exclusive:

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are NOT getting back together … sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ — despite reports the two were all over each other this week at a NYC nightclub.

Lindsay did hang out with Sam Thursday night at Le Baron in New York — but sources tell TMZ, there was no touchy-feely business going on … it was just two old friends catching up together.

There were reports the two might have rekindled a relationship — but we’re told that’s not true … neither Lindsay nor Sam has plans to reunite romantically.

We’re told the two are simply focusing on mending their friendship after a rough break-up in 2009. They began dating on-and-off in 2007.

As one source put it — they’re “just friends. That’s it. Nothing more.”

Do you think that Lindsay and Sam are all done?  Can Lindsay have a relationship with anyone now that will not wind up all splashed all over the media?  Does Lindsay prefer to be splashed all over the media?  Doe she ascribe to the notion that there is no such thing as bad publicity?


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