Lindsay Lohan Flees Los Angeles – Looks Like She Set Up The Jewelry Heist (Photos)

Lindsay Lohan Flees Los Angeles - Looks Like She Set Up The Jewelry Heist

Is Lindsay Lohan in trouble with the cops AGAIN?  Does this girl ever learn?  You’d think if you have been through as much trouble with the law as Lindsay has, you’d be on your best behavior and do as you’re told.  Alas, I think Lilo assumes that she should be the exception to the rule.  Why should Lindsay do anything other than what she wants to all of the time?  Her choices have worked out so well for her so far, haven’t they?

The Los Angeles police were called to question Lindsay yesterday following a burglary at a party Lindsay attended.  Apparently all the partiers stayed the night with the host (who has yet to be named) noticing several items of expensive jewelry missing the following morning. Uh-oh – we know all about Lind’s taste in jewelry – as well as her past reputation with theft and lying and being a generally untrustworthy person.

Now now, let’s not be too quick to judge Lindsay – it’s not fair to immediately point fingers.  So while it’s unclear as to who the culprit actually was, nonetheless Lindsay was questioned along with the other guests.  So is she in trouble for jumping ship today and flying to

New York where her mother Dina Lohan lives?  Apparently the house owner doesn’t believe Lindsay actually stole anything, but was responsible for inviting the burglars that did.  First of all – you better be really close friends with Lilo if you let her bring unwanted guests to your party – or at least drunk and stoned…  Secondly, why the hell do you have expensive jewelry lying around in the first place if there are peeps floating around you don’t trust? Of course would you even let a Kracken like Lindsay Lohan into your house?

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, her mother Dina and brother Cody departing on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on August 21, 2012. Lindsay was questioned by the Los Angeles police department about a burglary at a mansion that she spent the night at over the weekend.

Photo Credit: BJJ/Crown/FAMEFLYNET

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