Madonna’s Fashion Sense: ‘An Outdated Prostitute’

Madonna’s Fashion Sense: 'An Outdated Prostitute'

Madonna, who’s 53 years old and a mother of four, wore an outfit this weekend which disgusted me completely. For one thing, her sagging rear is just enough to make any logical young man want to vomit; the shorts don’t even fit her.

At her age she should have some sort of decency, knowing that at 53 years old there are do’s and do not’s to what you wear. Simply, she broke the most important one; don’t dress as if you’re in your early 20’s when you are past 50. And, just because you dress like you’re in your 20’s doesn’t mean you will look it.  Madonna just looks like an outdated prostitute in this photo.

Not only does Madonna’s image need work, but also her parenting skills. Her daughter Lourdes, was recently caught smoking and get this, she’s only 15! This is proof that instead of trying to look young, Madonna needs to start paying attention to her family.

Madonna can do herself, her family and most importantly the world a favour, if she just retires. She is just an embarrassment to look at and her music is just as terrible as ever, she needs to face reality and learn that it’s time to simply grow up and act your age!

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