Magic Mike’s Joe Manganiello Teaches Andy Cohen How to Strip! (Video)

Magic Mike's Joe Manganiello Teaches Andy Cohen How to Strip! (Video)

Did you happen to catch Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” last night? If not you missed out on a lot of fun. Joe Manganiello stopped by to promote Magic Mike, which opens in theaters this Friday. Andy Cohen is probably as excited to see this stripper movie as I am (for real) and he was thrilled to chat with Joe.

He even got down to the nitty gritty and found out which actor required the most “manscaping” (you can probably guess) just to film some of the scenes.  He also reveals some of his surprising thoughts on Channing Tatum… .

Things got a little hot when Joe decided to demonstrate the most attention grabbing male stripper move- “the body roll”.  We have some videos of how it all went down and it is hot!  Enjoy the stripper “Body Roll!”

He is smokin’ hot, don’t you agree? Joe was also asked about his crushes and one caller took it a step further. She wanted to know of all the guys in the cast, who Joe would consider his man crush. Can you guess who it would be? Take a look at this snippet to find out.

What is an Andy Cohen without a bit of fun and games? When your topic is male strippers and you’re interviewing one of the actors who plays a male stripper, you almost have to play that game where you figure out your stripper name. If you’ve never heard of that one, the guys will help you out here.

Andy had lots of fun with Joe last night. Will you be heading out to see Magic Mike with your best girl friends this weekend? Who do you think is hotter, Joe or Channing Tatum? In case you’re undecided, here’s that body roll one more time! Go HERE!

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