Mama Elsa Patton, RHOM’s Human Muppet, Collapses at Premiere Party

Mama Elsa Patton, RHOM’s Human Muppet, Collapses at Premiere Party

Elsa Patton is the always brassy mother to The Real Housewive’s of Miami star, Marysol Patton. Mama Elsa, as she’s known, is the walking billboard for plastic surgery gone radically wrong. She openly talks about the doctor that ruined her face and has commented on looking like a puppet now. She’s also the sole reason why RHOM got picked up for another season because when it came down to it, no one gave a crap about any of the other ladies.  As usual, Bravo hosted a premiere party for its Bravolebrities and apparently the 78 year old muppet hit the floor hard, collapsing at her daughter’s feet. Marysol almost tried to normalize the occurrence, telling Reality Tea,

“There were a couple of things that happened. She hadn’t really eaten all day, and wasn’t feeling good to begin with. When we arrived, she was a little nervous because she has never walked a red carpet before. Once inside, she was swarmed by people. Then, plus the fact it was so hot, we were all suffocating. Then all of a sudden, she just collapsed. She is getting older; it happens.”

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to understand Mama Elsa? Actually, she slurs so badly that I get confused, did she also sustain nerve damage or is it a vat of alcohol on a daily basis that makes it so hard to understand her?  I mean, these ladies are always drinking and every time Elsa looks in the mirror she must feel like she needs a shot!

The lady sure is ballsy though, putting herself on full display for the cameras. I have to give her credit for the confidence that she still has in spite of having a doctor hack into her face.  I think Bravo will be smart enough to center this season around the aging diva. If she was last years’ only breakout (D-list) star then they’d be foolish not to!

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