Meet Kate Middleton’s Modern Day Lady-in-Waiting (Photo)

Kate Middleton appears to be enjoying her solo time while Prince William is away on a six-week deployment to the Falklands. The 30-year-old Duchess of Cambridge has frequently been photographed stepping out for royal public engagements looking as stylish as ever—most recently in a chic Orla Kiely dress. But all these public engagements have brought new attention to the woman who is always in the background. Introducing Kate’s right hand woman, Rebecca Deacon.

Imagine having someone to carry around your spare lipstick and gifts from your well wishers, while also making sure that your hair and makeup is impeccable and your day is organized. This is the job description of Rebecca Deacon, Kate Middleton’s Assistant Private Secretary. Though royal minders are a dime a dozen, Kate has found something special in Rebecca—friendship.

At 29, Rebecca is close to the Duchess’ age and has taken a roll as her personal confidant and companion while William is away. “William has never forgotten the way his mother was left to cope without any support from courtiers. He is determined that will never happen to Kate, even though it has brought him into conflict with officials from time to time. He wants to surround Kate with people she can trust. This has always been important to him, but even more so as they look to have ­children,” a source told the Mirror.

After working with William and Harry on their “Concert for Diana” in 2007, Rebecca was hand selected to be responsible for all the details of Kate and William’s household. The daughter of a female ordained priest and vicar, Rebecca has all the skills needed to be an ideal minder. A graduate of the prestigious Royal School in Bath and Newcastle University, Rebecca has a perfect accent, is well mannered and shares Kate’s tailored, understated style. She has come to be someone who Kate trusts for advice, but still respects the boundaries between their social positions.

“Rebecca has become a key person in the duchess’ life. She is a perfect companion because she is similar in age to Kate, is very organized and has lovely manners,” the source said. “Although Rebecca now has a relationship with the young royals where she can be relaxed and talk to them as her friends … she will routinely curtsey and maintains an entirely professional relationship with them.”

According to the Mirror, Rebecca will become a crucial resource when Kate and William decide to try for a baby, something that they are rumored to be planning for October after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the Far East!