Melody Gardot’s Gorgeous, Haunting New Album ‘The Absence’ Is A Treat For The Soul — Album Giveaway (Contest)!

Melody Gardot's Gorgeous, Haunting New Album 'The Absence' Is A Treat For The Soul -- Album Giveaway (Contest)!

I’ve just been introduced to inspirational jazz/world music singer Melody Gardot and it’s easy to realize, upon just one listening, that her music is wholesome, mature, and contains the perfect amount of mystery — that magic and mystique one hopes to discover in songs with a smooth, jazzy atmosphere. You just feel cool while you’re listening to her music; it’s hard not to imagine yourself sitting in a dark, smoky bar, all while staring up at a dimly lit stage featuring a perfectly controlled and confident songstress.

Her new album The Absence was just released this week, and if you’re unfamiliar with Gardot’s music this album will serve as a perfect transition into her work, style, and artistry. The album was recorded with help from noted guitarist and film composer Heitor Periera, and it was heavily inspired by Gardot’s own journey in this big wide world of ours. It’s quite evident that Melody has seen the world, because these songs whisk you away to new lands filled with intriguing sound and sense.

Whether it be the deserts of Morocco, the sandy beaches of Brazil, the tango bars of Buenos Aires, or the streets of Lisbon, the Philadelphia-based artist effectively captures the exotic and dreamy nature of each locale.

The sincerity of her voice is clear, but discovering her musical gift didn’t come easy. Gardot found her voice during music therapy sessions after she was hit by a car at age 19. As she developed this gift, even releasing songs while still in the hospital, people began to notice her powerful gift, which ultimately led to the creation of her first album Worrisome Heart. The singer, now 25, performs at sold-out concerts around the globe and her work is widely known as a “stylish sonic expression of the place where music meets life.”

Melody Gardot‘s new album definitely is a sultry combination of jazz, blues, and seduction, and we’d hate for our fantastic readers to miss out on such a magical sound. That’s why we’re giving two lucky readers the chance to win a FREE copy of the new album, which can also be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, or streamed on Spotify!


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If you’re a winner, we’ll contact you! Please, only citizens of USA and Canada enter to win.

THE DEADLINE to enter is Monday, June 4th! Please enter the contest and remember to be funny . . . humor is always rewarded in gossip-land.

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