Miley Cyrus Kisses Girl in NYC Nightclub – Is Miley Bi-curious?

Miley Cyrus Kisses Girl in NYC Nightclub – Is Miley Bi-curious?

Watch out, Liam Hemsworth! Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed and is letting her hair down (well, what’s left of it) before you two tie the knot! Nothing counts before the wedding, right? Well I hope so! While on location in Philadelphia filming her new movie, Paranoia, Miley was eager to get to New York City to relax after a long day on set. Apparently, Miley’s idea of R&R includes kissing people who are not her fiancée! And, more specifically, kissing a girl!

A source confirms that Miley wants to live a little before she ties the knot. But doesn’t that normally mean girls trip to Cabo, or skydiving? Not making out with people who aren’t your fiancé, right?

The source explained, “Miley has always been outspoken over her support of gay rights. She even sports a small equal sign tattoo on her ring finger to signify her belief that all love is equal.”  Adding, “So it’s certainly not surprising that she’s experimenting with girls before she walks down the aisle.”

Right. But supporting gay marriage equality and cheating on your fiancé are two very different things. I doubt Liam was happy to hear about her wild escapades. Why would Miley want to risk the security of her relationship by making out with random girls in a club? Could there be trouble in paradise? Is that why Miley said the wedding was a long way off during her VMA interview?

The source promised that Miley’s moto is “Girls just wanna have fun!” But if that’s the case, maybe she needs to be let out of her cage of monogamy to explore the world! I’ve always said, she is too young to get married. Live a little, then settle down.

What do you think? New hair, new style, girly kisses—is Miley bisexual? Could she be getting ready to come out? Does Liam know? Or are these just coincidences? Of course there is always the possibility that like most things Miley does, this too is simply for attention. Tell us what you think in the comments!


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