Nancy Pristine’s Best Selling Book The Zen Game

Nancy Pristine’s Best Selling Book The Zen Game

There is so much dissension in the world today. Part of the reason for this separation among people is due to a lack of goodwill and respect for our fellow man. So what can be done about it? It can be summed up in two words “Zen Game” a book written by a Bestselling and Award Winning Author, Nancy Pristine.

Everyone is trying to think better, even Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt to Tom Cruise who understand the valuable rewards that come from this. Nancy’s book outlines the path to those incredible rewards by thinking positively.

The idea is this, life can be heaven and it can be hell. Your life is a reaction to what you send out to the world and how you perceive it.

By utilizing the valuable principles found in The Zen Game and Buddha’s eight pillars of Zen you will build spiritual and emotional muscle for life’s difficult moments.

These simple truths of right speech and right action have power and will enable you to handle negative people and difficult experiences with grace and ease, as well as guide you to make the best decisions for you even if they don’t measure up to other people’s standards.

After you read “The Zen Game” and practice it in your day-to-day life, you will notice how these simple pillars of enlightenment will change your inner aspects of thinking that will change the outer aspects of your life.

People everywhere have rushed to get this book to implement the teachings and guidelines it sets in their own lives.

If you would like to read more about “The Zen Game: How to Win at the Game of Life” you can watch a 30 second video on her official website.

10% of the proceeds of The Zen Game benefits The National Animal Welfare Society.

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