New Hunger Games Clip – Katniss In The Training Center! (Video)

New Hunger Games Clip – Katniss In The Training Center! (Video)

I’m sure everyone has a favorite moment in Suzanne Collins highly popular best selling book, The Hunger Games.  I have a few, but one in particular is when Katniss is in the training center working on developing her skills before she enters the arena.  So how pleased was I to discover that the upcoming and highly anticipated film adaption produced by Lionsgate has just released (via Facebook) another glimpse into the crazy pre-Games world where Katniss begins her training.

In this newly released clip we see Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss using her sharp bow and arrow skills to garner attention from those in the Capitol government.  When those in the panel don’t notice her talent and solely pay attention to the pig roast in front of them, Katniss takes matters into her own hands and releases her arrow straight through the apple – and into the pigs mouth.

This scene is amazing!!  And exactly how I pictured it in the book.  This bodes well for me, as I haven’t made it a secret of my desire for the film to stay true and correlate with the material in the book.  This might be the last clip we get until the movie hits theaters March 23rd so get your fill in now!

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