New Video Proves Kristen Stewart Cheating Photos Fake! (Video)

New Video Proves Kristen Stewart Cheating Photos Fake! (Video) 0913

Kristen Stewart conspiracy video is making waves today as it provides interesting evidence against the cheating photos that came out earlier this summer involving Kristen and her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Those little pics provided me my new favorite word (trampire) and made Rupert and his wife, Liberty Sanders, household names. For Crushable writer, Jenni Maier, that’s precisely why the photos are so questionable. She writes:

And in the weeks since the scandal ripped open the hearts of every American, we’ve seen all four of their careers receive a huge publicity bump. Not only do average people now know the names Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross, but they’ve gotten offered scripts, jobs and everything a Hollywood family could want.

Heck, Liberty Ross walked in Fashion Week for the first time in years — and just by walking she eclipsed the names of several bigger models and landed front page headlines.

Robert Pattinson went on a whirlwind press tour for Cosmopolis in the wake of the cheating fallout and the movie saw unprecedented success despite lukewarm reviews. And Kristen Stewart? She just wrapped up the On the Road premiere at TIFF and also used her increased publicity to draw attention to her new film.

So… you absolutely must watch the video. It’s super entertaining and, if you’re like me and love  a good conspiracy theory, then it will won’t disappoint. But does it prove anything? Not sure. To be honest, I was lost during some of the three minute clip. At the heart, it’s saying that Rupert and Liberty staged the the whole thing behind Kristen’s back. Maier even hypothesizes that Kristen’s quick and ready apology statement could be the result of a blackmail. This is all getting too Gossip Girl Season 1 for me. I know I’m naive but this is a little much.

I see how Liberty and Rupert have “benefited” (although I’m sure their children would disagree) and it’s interesting that Rupert is still set to helm the sequel to SWATH. But… I don’t know. Yes, the points about scale are interesting. The shoes and fingernail polish slides made me pause and stare inches away from my computer screen but… I DON’T KNOW.

What do you think? Why would Kristen go along with the apology if she didn’t cheat? What could Rupert possibly have on her that could be that bad? Or is this just another conspiracy theory providing entertainment and nothing else? Let me know! I really want your opinion!