Nick Gruber: Calvin Klein’s Former Boyfriend Caught Kissing A Woman (Photos)

Nick Gruber: Calvin Klein's Former Boyfriend Caught Kissing A Woman

Nick Gruber’s name first became tabloid fodder when he was dating fashion mogul, Calvin Klein. Now it looks like he enjoys woman as well as men. The extremely young, gay porn star was hot and heavy with Klein for quite a while.

The boytoy made numerous public appearances with the fashion titan until he finally crash landed earlier this year.  Calvin Klein’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Gruber found himself doing a lengthy rehab stint at The Meadows, on Klein’s dime, after being arrested for cocaine possession.

This weekend Gruber stepped out of the shadows and onto the beach with a woman.  Not just any woman either.  He was photographed frolicking with “Girls Gone Wild” 2010 Hottest Girl in America’s Chelsea Heath Sunday in Marina Del Rey, Calif.  The duo actually posed holding hands and kissing for photographers nearby.  While sources close to Gruber won’t rule out a sexual relationship brewing between the two, they also say that if something is going on, it’s not serious.

While Nick Gruber was mostly known for his time on Klein’s arm and the gay porn that he did, sources say he has also done straight porn as well.  Until meeting Klein, Gruber mainly dated women close to his own age, so turning up with a beautiful babe is actually not as shocking as it would first seem.

One thing is for certain; his relationship with Klein is most definitely finished. “He’s a mixed-up kid,” says the Klein confidante. “It’s over.”

Maybe he was mixed up a few years ago but it seems like Gruber has packed a lot of tough lessons into his young life.  Do you think he is as screwed up as Klein’s source says?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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