Nicki Minaj Still Traumatized By Madonna’s Kiss

Nicki Minaj Still Traumatized By Madonna’s Kiss

Nicki Minaj was kissed by Madonna last February during the aging pop star’s half time show at the Super Bowl and she did not appreciate it one bit.

On The Graham Norton Show, Nicki recently stated, “She kissed me but I didn’t kiss her. I wasn’t expecting it and I was shocked. I was shaking, thinking, ‘is this really happening, why is she doing this?’”

Nicki’s reaction isn’t surprising whatsoever to me, in all honesty I don’t think anybody would want to kiss Madonna. I can’t see any aspect of her that would make her remotely attractive; in general she looks like something you wouldn’t find on earth.

I think that along with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, Madonna would make a perfect alien in the new film, Men In Black 3, and she wouldn’t need much makeup for this one!

Poor Nicki Minaj, nobody in this world wants to be kissed by some alien life form, except for incredibly sexy aliens, like those inhabiting the planet Erotica 9.

Since Nicki didn’t know she was going to be kissed, I bet it felt like it was more of an attack from a face hugger from the ‘Alien’ franchise, they just latch onto your face when you least expect it.

In the end Madonna just has to realize she isn’t young like she used to be, she has to grow up and know what to do and not to do to other people. Basically, kissing other girls on TV when they don’t want it or didn’t ask for it, is a big NO NO. Seriously Madonna, just retire already!

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  1. BlueGiant says:

    Why are so many women gay these days? Years ago, a woman it ain’t use to be like that.It was always the men who were suspected of being gay. But one thing about the men is that they keep their business to themselves. That’s what I like about them. And gay males make good friends, with everybody gay or not. And they don’t force themselves on ppl. that are not like that, like lesbians do.They don’t make themselves look all stupid, by exposing their business, like lesbians do. And women just get right up in your face, and virtually molest you right in front of ppls. kids and everything. 
    Nicki, if I was you I would’ve whooped Madonna’s mf a–!! right in front of the Police, staff and everything.I see why men be playing hard to get these days against women. Cause women are so stupid A lot of guys just don’t want to be bothered w/ their inane manners.

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  3. Lsanchez2821 says:

    its not real clearly theres a person between them its a fake it was edited

  4. Wayne M says:

    Its not fake that lesbianism is just recently on the rise, and to the point where it is getting out of hand, It wasn’t like this back in the days Women are too stupid to even put it on a downlow, Like the men be doing. And the way they so ignorantly express themselves about it, You know what I’m saying? All around chidren and adults.Don’t nobody wanna hear that sh–!! Not no thoroughbred that’s for sure.