Nina Dobrev Loves Ian Somerhalder: Wishes Him A Secret, Flirty, Romantic Happy Birthday

Nina Dobrev Loves Ian Somerhalder: Wishes Him A Secret, Flirty, Romantic Happy Birthday

Vampire Diaries costars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were an item long before either was willing to fess up to it—and not the kind of couple that arrives at a restaurant separately or doesn’t follow each other on Twitter. They were out and about together, holding hands, kissing, going to concerts, dinners, charity events—you just couldn’t get either of them to talk about it! Nina finally confirmed what we knew was true during her interview with Seventeen Magazine this fall.

But old habits die hard, and Nina still won’t bring their relationship fully into the light of day. She has been alone at home sick with the flu, tweeting about Netflix and making us wonder if Ian had abandoned her in her hour of need, but pictures of the couple shopping for a Christmas tree pushed break up rumors out of our minds. Now Nina is being adorably secretive on Twitter, wishing Ian a happy birthday. She tweeted, “Sending you know what kind of wishes to you know who. Shhh. Top secret ;)”

We love their cutesy-no-gagging-about-it relationship! Besides being gorgeous together, they share the same passion for charity, are smoldering on screen, and are holding first place as the number one fan favorite pair for Fifty Shades of Grey movie stars. Reporter William Mantic called their relationship as he saw it: “Charming. It isn’t as if these two really have to hide their relationship at this point.” He called her tweet coy, and we totally agree!

Fans of Vampire Diaries curled up and died of happiness on Thursday when the long-built sexual tension between Elena and Damon finally broke thanks to a rumored sire bond. We love their off-screen relationship because, even if they split (which they won’t) all the break up drama will fuel the love/hate on screen perfectly! What do you think of the costar couple?

Image Credit: FameFlynet