O.J. Simpson’s Ex Christie Prody Wants To Sell A Sex Tape

O.J. Simpson's Ex Christie Prody Wants To Sell A Sex Tape

There have been several celebrity sex tapes released into the media; a couple of examples of people who’ve starred in their own sex tapes are Pamela Anderson, Tulisa Contostavlos and Kim Kardashian. They’re very well known and have each made their own sex tape, though they each had the same motive for releasing them and that was to become more famous. Now we have Christie Prody, that’s the name of O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend, doing it for what I think is most likely for the money more than anything else since it looks like she may have a drug problem and needs to support it.

It really baffles me to see someone like Christie Prody making her own sex tape, this is going to be by far the most horrendous, disgusting and vile thing I’ve ever heard of. She’s barely even considered a celebrity, just being O.J.’s girlfriend for 13 years before he ended up in prison doesn’t make her really seem all that much like a celebrity to me.

According to TMZ Christie has been contacting several companies that specialize in pornography, including Vivid Entertainment which is known for introducing both Pamela Anderson’s and Kim Kardashian’s sex tapes. She now is trying her best to sell this sex tape, but the thing is who the hell would even want to see a sex tape of this woman? Even for free I wouldn’t want to see it because I’d have better things to do. The guy who apparently features as her “partner” in the video is the guy who was her rebound after she and O.J. went their separate ways, I wonder if O.J. will ever want to see his ex’s sex tape? In prison it might be quite popular.

No one in their right mind would suffer through a sex tape of Christie Prody, but I guarantee someone is going to prove me wrong… Are you one of the brave souls who will wonder into this dangerous territory? Let me know down below.

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