Zayn Malik Hot For One Direction Band Mate – Which One?

Zayn Malik Hot For One Direction Band Mate - Which One?

Wherever there’s a boy band, there are gay rumors and now it seems like One Direction’s Zayn Malik has admitted in a magazine interview with Tiger Beat that he does have the hots for one of his band mates. Oooh. So we have to wonder, which of the 1D boys is Zayn crushing on?

Does he want to run his hands through Harry Styles sexy hair? Does he want to stare longingly into Louis Tomlinson’s big baby blues? Is Zayn turned on by Niall Horan’s dazzling smile? Or do Liam Payne’s mischievous good looks keep Zayn up late at night?

So who did Zayn admit he’s crushing on? It’s… Liam! And Zayn digs Liam not for his looks, brains or personality – he’s just hot for his sexy body! When Tiger Beat asked Zayn to pick from among his band mates who he would most like to date – he fessed up to his man-love for Liam. Zayn said, “Who would I date? Probably Liam, because I get along with him the most and I’ve got the most in common with him. He’s got a killer set of abs as well!”

Wonder what Zayn’s galpal Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards thinks of her honey’s man crush? And I wonder if Liam will reciprocate Zayn’s feelings or if he’s got his eye on another 1D mate? Who can blame him though? The word’s teeming with One Direction fans, but everyone has their fave. Mine was Harry Styles, but now that he’s all in with Taylor Swift I’m not sure if he’s romantic or risky.

And to be fair to Zayn, asking to pick which 1D singer you’d like to date is like asking me which Godiva chocolate I want from a box full of the tasty treats – all of them please! If the One Dimension boys all start hitting the gym come New Year’s, we’ll know they took the news hard that Zayn picked Liam over them because he’s hot for his bod.

I don’t think Perrie’s got anything to worry about – poor Zayn was put on the spot by the mag – it wasn’t like he was spouting off about having the hots for his band mate unasked… Still, you gotta wonder, how did he not go for Harry? Taylor sure did…


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