Pawn Stars Recap Season 5 Episode 15 ‘Pawn With The Wind’ 1/16/12

Pawn Stars Recap Season 5 Episode 15 'Pawn With The Wind' 1/16/12

If you have never watcher the History Channel’s Pawn Stars the show is set at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas, three generations of the Harrison family–grandfather Richard, son Rick and grandson Corey–jointly run the family business, and there’s clashing and camaraderie every step of the way.  The three men use their sharp eyes and skills to assess the value of items from the commonplace to the truly historic

On tonight’s episode ‘Pawn With The Wind’ the Pawn Stars see dollar signs when a $1 bill signed by Clark Gable comes into the shop.  From Gable’s time serving in World War II, will the guys try to cash in on this rare bill, or is it not worth the paper it’s printed on?  Then, an early 1900s Shoeless Joe Jackson “Black Betsy” baseball bat comes into the shop. Will Corey and Chumlee hit a homerun on this deal, or will they have a swing and a miss? And later, the guys face the undead when a seller brings in a poster from the movie “Zombies Attack.” Will they have the brains to make an offer, or is this piece dead on arrival?

Stand by – we will be live blogging the episode tonight with all the up-to-the-minute details.  So don’t forget to stop by and join us at 10PM EST and find out what treasures the Harrison family see an all the highlights from the show.

[NOTICE – The show has been pre-empted in our area for a sports event – once the show is aired we will add the recap]

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