Pippa Middleton Called A ‘Spoiled Little Madam’ By Glamour Model Katie Price

Pippa Middleton Called A ‘Spoiled Little Madam’ By Glamour Model Katie Price

Kate Middleton and Prince William must not be sleeping well at night due to the flack that Pippa Middleton continues to take in the British press.  Pippa has been called a ‘spoiled little madam’ by former bursting-out-of-her-bra glamour model Katie Price.  Katie used to pose on ‘page 3’ of British tabloids where she would show off her ‘assets’ to the delight of millions of men… and some women.  Now that Pippa has fallen from grace after her disastrous weekend in Paris she is an easy target to pillory.

Katie pointed out that ‘Time magazine has listed Pippa among the 100 most influential people in the world,’ but ‘Personally I’d rather my kids looked up to Lady Gaga than this spoiled little madam.’

This is the fallout that Kate Middleton and the rest of the Royal Family feared when Pippa was caught in several compromising photographs in Paris. Now that Pippa has behaved like a spoiled drunken tramp she can be addressed as such by the media.

There was of course Pippa’s criminal gun wielding incident while driving through Paris.  Pippa was photographed happily joking with her several male escorts while her boyfriend for the weekend and driver of the car, Romain Rabillard, threatened a photographer with a pistol.  There was also Pippa’s kinky cavorting in the hours prior to the gun scandal at an over-the-top kinky bondage party complete with strippers and dwarves.

Katie had more to say about the disgraced Pippa:

‘Kate has hit the jackpot but her little sister is clearly not happy with the runner-up prize.’

‘Pippa is nearly 30, single and a person without a cause.’

‘She needs to get one quick. Finding an eligible husband would be a good start to keep her out of trouble and the news.’

Pippa has brought this firestorm of negative media coverage upon herself and she deserves every bit of it – probably more.  The sad part of it all is that sister Kate is practically a saint and does not need her close family bringing trouble around.  It is time for Kate to distance herself from Pippa – certainly the rest of the Royal Family will pressure her to do so.  Do you think Kate should stand by her sis or dump her?  Let us know in the comments below.

  • Offended

    I don’t see why Pippa ‘deserves’ anything of the kind. It’s not like she was the guy pointing the gun or the photographer following a moving car. And I find these comments offensive; she can’t be secure in her self esteem because she doesn’t have a man or a prince? I guess a lot of us can’t be then!

  • Eleanor

    All this flack about Pippa Middleton and her behavior is just disgusting.  She is a single woman of means who belongs to an extremely wealthy family.  The photographers that have been hounding her for months are the injured ones??  I remind you that the royal family including Prince William lost Princess Diana largely due to the conduct of the press.  Now we have young people pretending with a fake gun to retaliate against the tormentors and the authorities are hot on their trail to enforce the law against them??  Where are the authorities and the law to enforce privacy and harassment laws to protect Pippa Middleton who receives no protection from the Royal Family, only a mandate to not do anything to embarass them??  The party was a little wild granted and probably not in the best of taste, but give this young woman a break.  The Royal Family should step up to the plate and complain about the treatment she received.!!!!

  • Kk

    I’d love to know what the hell this crew of morons were thinking?  French aristocrats having a Marie Antoinette-themed party of gross excess while Europe is nose deep in financial disaster?  Hmmm.  And 28 is too old to not get why this, along with having a male entourage and no real job, is in bad taste.  Grow up.

  • Katie

    I don’t feel sorry for Kate because if she didn’t want this role of a lifetime then she wouldn’t have waited 9 years for a proposal.  I don’t feel sorry for her parents because they funded Kate’s lifestyle for those 9 years because her relationship with PW gave their company, Party Pieces, millions in free publicity and turned the family into multi-millionaires.  I do feel sorry for Pippa and James because none of these decisions were in their control.  Allegedly, PW delayed because he was concerned about Kate’s life being ruined like his mother’s if they married.  Diana became famous after the wedding but she was vulnerable after the divorce because she lost her HRH and she gave up her royal protection.  Kate and Pippa became famous after the wedding but it’s Pippa who doesn’t have a title nor royal protection.  Ironic PW worried about Kate when it’s Pippa who is in the position most like his mother’s.  Worse, Pippa doesn’t have Diana’s popularity because all the class conscious people who hate Kate for marrying up or those who feel PW was simply manipulated because of his tragic childhood have directed that anger towards Pippa now that Kate is an HRH. I hope Pippa’s book makes enough money where she can afford protection before she ends up like Diana.  Or, she should take advantage of those interested in her style, and start a clothing company for the new Sloane Rangers whose new queen is Kate.