Gun Scandal Puts A Damper On Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Wedding Anniversary

Gun Scandal Puts A Damper On Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Wedding Anniversary

Kate Middleton and Prince William will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on April 29 but the occasion has been marred by Pippa Middleton’s gun scandal.  Since Pippa was photographed on a wild joyride through Paris with a gun slinging lawyer and his pals, Kate has been put in a difficult position.  On the one hand she is disgusted with her younger sister’s irresponsible behavior, but on the other hand she feels the need to stand by Pippa.

Pippa’s bad behavior only adds to the pressure that the palace is putting on Prince William and Duchess Kate to keep their anniversary celebrations low key.  One thing we can bank upon is that we won’t be seeing much of Pippa for the next little while.  Since it is Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee commemorating her 60 years on the throne, the royal family wants nothing to distract from these special festivities.

Royal expert William Hanson told the Huffington Post: ‘Perhaps a new portrait may be released, or some commemorative stamps, although unlikely.’  He continued: ‘This year is The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and so royal watchers are more focused on that.’  Elizabeth, William‘s grandmother, is expected to write to the couple and congratulate them, but it’s thought she won’t give them a gift.  Not like she can’t afford one…

Kate was expected by many to be pregnant by the time of her wedding anniversary.  But that is looking less likely with each passing day – and any official announcement of Kate’s pregnancy would completely drown out the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  What do you think about all this?  Let us know in the comments below.

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