Psy From Korea Teaches Britney Spears the Invisible Horse Dance, Pelvic Thrust VIDEO

Introduced as Psy from Korea, born Park Jae Sang, stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show to teach big fan Britney Spears the Invisible Horse Dance, otherwise known as Gangnam Style. Yep, Brit Brit has jumped onto the Gangham Style bandwagon and takes a little lesson from the YouTube sensation live on Ellen’s talk show.

Spears was a bit worried as to how she was going to accurately learn the dance moves considering she was wearing a skintight red dress and high heels. But Psy assured the famous pop star that “The mindset of this dance is (to) dress classy and dance cheesy.”

DeGeneres was so excited to get on with the dance instruction that she forgot to introduce her guest which led to Psy asking for his own introduction. “Can I introduce myself, and not just dance? I’m Psy from Korea. Psy from Korea, we love you!” he said.

The Korean rapper’s Gangnam Style video went viral on YouTube and accumulated more than 147 MILLION views as of Tuesday afternoon. Not only was he asked to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards last week but he also was recently signed onto Scooter Braun’s Schoolboy Records label.

And just like that, an overnight superstar is born. But will he be simply a one hit wonder? At this point we don’t know. What we do know is Psy from Korea does a dang good job of teaching Britney Spears how to do the Gangnam dance.

Check out Britney Spears doing the dance here.

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