Meet Joe Giudice’s Mistress – Teresa Giudice Now Convinced!

Meet Joe Giudice’s Mistress – Teresa Giudice Now Convinced!

The fish-eyed Teresa Giudice still refuses to believe that her husband Joe Giudice cheated on her, even though the evidence is as glaringly obvious as a penny in the sun. Don’t fear, for the National Enquirer is here to tell us who the alleged secret mistress really is! According to the latest issue of the magazine, the girl is a 25-year-old college student who still lives at home with her family in New Jersey. The Enquirer is keeping her anonymous for privacy reasons, but her parents have reportedly revealed that her secret lover is indeed Joe Giudice!

A close friend of the mistress said, “Joe’s girl is a sexy college co-ed with curves galore. She’s bubbly and has loads of energy. For a short, fat guy, Joe managed to get a real beauty. Chances are good that if Joe was just a regular guy who didn’t appear on a hit TV show, she would never have looked his way. She probably likes the fame he has – thanks to his wife.

Uh-oh! The alleged mistress is a student at New Jersey’s Caldwell College and lives with her parents in East Hanover. She has reportedly been spotted with Joe numerous times at the Iron Bar in nearby Morristown. A bartender who witnessed the couple canoodling said, “Their behavior was highly inappropriate, es­pecially for a married man being out late at night with such a young woman. They came in as part of a small group, but they only had eyes for each other and got very touchy-feely. It ap­peared to be a date with their friends running inter­ference.” The Enquirer dropped by the home of the girl, but her parents weren’t too open about it and said, “That’s just Joe being Joe. They know each other through work.

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s August episode showed Joe walk away from his wife and speak to an anonymous person on the other line. Teresa went to check on her husband and he warned the person on the other line that his wife was coming. Joe insisted that the person on the other line was a co-worker, but according to a recent Real Housewives reunion show, Joe became inconsistent with his story and referred to the person as “Albie”, but then changed his story again and said that he was first talking to “Albie”, and then a co-worker.

We’re calling Joe’s bluff and saying, “Liar, liar pants on fire!” What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

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