Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe Giudice Going To Jail

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Joe Giudice Going To Jail

Joe Giudice was in court Tuesday where his attorney Miles Feinstein asked Judge Greta Gooden Brown of the Superior Court for more time. The judge was clearly not happy as she said you have had a lot of time – to be honest how much more time do you need?

The chief assistant prosecutors Jay McCann said no matter what Juicy Joe will have to spend some time behind bars. McCann said that the crimes Joe committed are to serious for a probation-only sentence. Joe already shot down a deal offering him 5 years in prison. If no deal is made his looking at spending 10 years behind bars.

All these problems began in the beginning of 2010 when Joe Giudice, 42, had his driver’s license suspended. When he flipped his truck and got a DWI at that time GE already had 39 points on his drivers license. He had a huge list of violations including speeding and leaving the scene of a accident not wearing a seat belt the list goes on and on.

At the point the situation went from bad to worse when he took his younger brother Pietro Giudice’s marriage certificate and birth certificate to the motor vehicle commission and obtained a fraudulent drivers license. Authorities became aware when Pietro 39 was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and they ran his name and a big picture of none other then big brother Juicy Joe popped up.

Joe Was arrested in March of 2011 and indicated in December of 2011. He better pick up his wife’s latest cook book and eat up and order up like he’s in a restaurant… from the sound of things Juicy is going to be away from his wife’s cooking for a long time.