Report: Bruce Jenner Breaks Up With Kim Kardashian’s Manager-Mom Kris Jenner

Report: Bruce Jenner Breaks Up With Kim Kardashian’s Manager-Mom Kris Jenner

Bruce Jenner has had enough of Kim Kardashian’s momanager and his wife, Kris Jenner, and has left her.  Bruce doesn’t want his two young daughters, Kendall, 16, and Kylie, 14,  turning out like their Kardashian half-sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney – who he labelled as ‘hypersexualized reality starlets.’

Bruce attempted to put his foot down – demanding that Kris control her ‘cold, bloodless ambition’ before she destroys the girls.  Kris naturally refused to listen to Bruce and told him ‘I’m the boss here.’  That was when Bruce lost it and according to sources was on the verge of tears when he stormed out.

The motivation for Bruce’s angry exit came from well-grounded concerns that Kris is transforming their 2 youngest daughters into ‘Kardashian Robots.’  Bruce simply packed a bag and walked out on Kris after a huge fight over last week’s creepy display of a photo shoot on ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Kris was responsible for her daughters Kendall and Kylie appearing in weird and scary pose as the creepy twins in ‘The Shining’ – and when Bruce found out he went ballistic.

Sources for The National Enquirer, reveal in the Print Edition, March 26:  “Kris was crying hysterically when she finally got Bruce on his cell phone.  She sobbed that she was sorry for everything and that if he came back, they could get their marriage back on track.”

“But Bruce is fed up with his wife’s cold, bloodless ambition for the children.  He was so angry he wouldn’t even tell her where he was.  Bruce returned two days later but the strife is far for over.  Bruce told her ambition is in her blood like a disease.”

‘They talked about marriage therapy as a last-ditch effort to avoid divorce.  But deep down they both know that there is very little left in the marriage to save.’

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Bruce has every reason to leave Kris – what person in their right mind would stand idly by and watch as their darling children were transformed into fame whores?

18 responses to “Report: Bruce Jenner Breaks Up With Kim Kardashian’s Manager-Mom Kris Jenner”

  1. guest says:

    yes and we all know what a reliable source the enquirer is.

  2. IDK if even Kris loves her husband and children when all she does is exploits and sells them to the highest bidder. Watch out Kris, your trailer park is showing…

    • I totally agree. if he takes her back , those young girls will end up like there older sisters. Klohe , Kim and Kourtney all NEED TO SET BETTER EXAMPLES for there youngest sisters. But they are to far wrapped up in there own lives, they dont care HOW BAD OF EXAMPLES THEY ARE ALL SETTING…(ALL OF THEM). If Bruce takes her back, he is just showing us all, he cares only to save his marriage and not there youngest daughters…thats my OPINION

    • Mary Ann says:

      More like her Hollyweird is showing.

  3. […] Report: Bruce Jenner Breaks Up With Kim Kardashian’s Manager Mom Kris Jenner […]

  4. She treats him like shit never has time for him meet up with her ex likes to flirt with other dudes.. He dont need that..

  5. kristine08 says:

    Well it took him long enough.

    Kendall is an adult and can move out anyway. (and I am sure she will)

    Kylie may be saved IF, he is able to show that Mama-K is not putting the interest of her child first. That will be a slam-dunk. Kylie is proving to be a selfish, shallow, diva, obsessed with her looks.
    BRUCE, DO NOT GO BACK, and do not give her more than the 50% California requires. In fact, make her pay you child support until Kylie is 18. :-)

    • Mahala1963 says:

      Actually, I think that Kris Jenner is HATED more stronger NOW than before the series came to light. I would BET to that she SLEPT with O.J. Simpson while he lived at the home during the TRIAL.. that being said, I wonder WHICH DAUGHTER is HIS? Can anyone even GUESS?

  6. kristine08 says:

    LOL…I agree, he does not look human anymore.

    Men that stay in shape, like he does, age well. He should have not caved into her demands, and I am sure it was her idea.

  7. kristine08 says:

    Kris has already castrated Bruce…maybe he can get a “ball-job”. He allowed her to trample him like a doormat, all these years, so he is partly to blame.
    He is no slouch and he could have chosen more wisely or left her a lot sooner.

  8. kristine08 says:

    Well Kendal is now 18, so she is going to leave on her own I am sure. That leaves one minor child, and no way in hell would any judge give sole custody to that wench.
    Kylie has a good head on her shoulders and not flashy and trashy like her sisters. I think she will do well, once she gets away from the controling, selfish manager/mom.

  9. jdemo says:

    Hey Bruce–take the two girls and run as far away as you can! Or, if the girls don’t want to leave that hell-hole of a house they live in then you run. Your girls seem like nice kids so maybe it’s not too late for them, only time will tell.

  10. Johnny Cook says:

    Kris Jenner knows how to capitalize on the cult of celebrity even when there is no obvious talent or ability. I’ve always thought she was in the “screw and sue” business. Bruce would do well to be rid of her. She seems addicted to the monstrosity of her lifestyle. Just look at what she has created in Kim. I think she held the camera for the sex tape.

  11. Mahala1963 says:

    Well, IF he has the BALLS to stick to his decision on a DIVORCE, then it is about time. I don’tknow ANY MAN that could live in tow, like a ROBOT. Kris does have a desire to be the GESTAPO of the family, and the girls that don’t have a BRAIN that is worth anything,. FOLLOW her. They can’t seem to make any decisions W/O her input. At their ages, that is totally REDICULOUS. Khloe is maybe the ONLY one that is more INDEPENDENT. I am very glad that Kourtney isn’t marry a useless guy, that only delivers SPERM. He can’t ever support ANYONE, cuz he knows Kourtney has the MONEY that he needs, and we all know from the SLEEZY episodes of their *Kardashian* soap, that he is very UNDEPENDABLE, and INSECURE with himself. Not good for a MAN… to depend solely on his WIFE for her MONEY….===spineless.

  12. Mahala1963 says:

    Hey, there is a NEW book out by Danielle Steele. *Sins of the Mother*… I wonder if that is the TRUE story of Kris Kardashian Jenner? blah blah blah…. one never knows.

  13. charles rhodes says:

    looks like little miss goody two shoes will be sharing kims sorry ass excuse for A husband in bed knowing her she will let him have anal sex on her after all she is A mom pimp

  14. Bill says:

    Bruce has had too many facelifts.

  15. Caren says:

    This article is dated 2012 and we STILL are subject to the trash that is on the TV about these self described “celebrities”. Bruce may have been a great athlete years ago, but how does that translate into porno shows on TV. Enough of this crap. Quit dumbing down America. We need more shows like Jeopardy to encourage our youth to be more than porno stars !