Report: Kate Middleton’s Mother Accused Of Being Another Kris Jenner

Kate Middleton’s Mother Accused Of Being Another Kris Jenner

Kate Middleton has been accused of being the product of a ruthless Machiavellian mother who geared her daughter’s entire life towards snaring a prince.  Royal confidante Nicholas Davies has a new book in the works that makes Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, look like a British Kris Jenner.  Does that make Kate a Kim Kardashian?

Davies claims it was in fact Carole who helped arrange Kate and Prince William’s entire romance.  Davies claims that Carole and Kate were in essence stalking William for years.  This week’s National Enquirer print edition quotes Davies as saying:

“What Carole did to Kate was no different than the way that Kris stage-managed her daughter Kim Kardashian’s life. It was Carole who made sure that Kate’s entry into University of St. Andrews in Scotland would coincide with Prince William being there. And it was Carole who made sure that her daughter formed a relationship with the prince.” 

“Carole has handled Kate’s romance to William masterfully. Just like Kris Jenner, Carole is a brilliant businesswoman with beautiful daughters. I think Kris would be very proud of what Carole has managed to achieve.”

While mothers’ always seem to want what is best for their children and on occasion do manipulate things to ensure a better outcome, this may be a stretch.  Kate has always come across as a strong, confident, personally driven young woman and those qualities would make her a bit tough to control.

What do you think, was Carole ever pulling Kate’s strings?  Whatever the case may be – Kate is the best thing the Royal Family has seen in decades.  She was obviously taught how to behave really well – what the heck happened to Pippa?!  Tell us what you think!

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