Report: The Drug LSD Has Been Added To Jenelle Evans’ Substance Abuse List

Report: The Drug LSD Has Been Added To Jenelle Evans’ Substance Abuse List

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is walking around like a stoned pony according to a close friend ever since she has added LSD to the long list of drugs she abuses.  Remember that one oldie song from the early 60’s called Incense and Peppermint by Strawberry Alarm Clock. The song goes “Occasions persuasions clutter your mind, Incense and peppermint, the color of time” and so forth.  Well the old tune is beginning to sound a lot like the tune Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans, is singing.

Rumors are swirling around like incense smoke that the teen mom is allegedly using LSD.  Jenelle who is on probation and faces the loss of custody of her son Jace.  She was tested for marijuana and that is when news broke that she may also be using the hallucinogenic drug LSD.

Her friend, according to the site Radar on Line, shared her story about the teen mom.  Her good friend Tori Rhyne says and I quote: “She does it a lot. She fell in love with it.”

The site went on to say that Tori knows a lot of other drugs that Jenelle has been consuming.  We don’t know how much the teen mom is taking drug-wise as only one person really knows, Jenelle Evans herself.

We can only hope she gets her act together for the sake of Jace. If she really cared for her son like she says she does, if she really loved him, then I feel like she can give up her drugs, and live a clean lifestyle for Jace. There is no other way she can reverse her self-destructive lifestyle and start fresh with her son and her mother.  Naturally with Jenelle’s drug problems it is no wonder that she and her mom are always fight as we see on TV.

 What do you think about this issue?  Does Jenelle seem to be a stoner?  Let us know in the comments below.