RHOC Catfight: Vicki Gunvalson Battles With Tamra Barney (Video)

RHOC Catfight: Vicki Gunvalson Battles With Tamra Barney (Video)

Catfights come with the territory on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney were tight as can be, until now. The former besties nearly came to blows at a dinner party hosted by Heather DeBrow that was filmed for the shows season finale.

None of the housewives are big fans of Vicki’s boyfriend, Brooks. He comes across as opportunistic and shady which leaves Vicki having to constantly defend him- and them as a couple.  At the party Tamra makes a remark about Brooks and it just sends Vicki over the edge, launching into a verbal tirade.  “It’s disgusting how you talk to me in front of people, it’s disgusting! You’re not my friend. No matter what, you don’t talk that way to me or him (pointing to boyfriend Brook Ayers) – ever!  You’re supposed to be my friend, my soul mate, my sister! That means you have respect for the man I love. I want this man and you spoke terrible to him.”

Tamra is always straight to the point and simply responds by saying, “Your boyfriend starts whispering in your ear trying to instigate a fight between us, you side with him and I’m nuts? F**k you.”

Vicki has been warned by everyone, including her children, about Brooks.  Her judgment seems to be clouded by love and it is costing her friends.

“She’s not the Tamra that I used to know six months or a year ago,” Vicki tells the Bravo cameras after the cat fight. “Maybe she doesn’t need me anymore, she’s going to be sorry.”

Actually, I suspect Vicki is the one who will be sorry when she and Brooks split and there is no one left to help her pick up the pieces.

Do you think Brooks is shady?  Do you think Tamra did anything wrong by speaking her mind?  Doesn’t being a true friend include pointing out your friends’ bad judgment at times?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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