RHONYC: What’s Going To Happen Between Sonja Morgan and Her Ex?

RHONYC: What's Going To Happen Between Sonja Morgan and Her Ex?

On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, we mostly see the ladies still reeling from their drama-filled trip to St. Barts, where rookie cast member Aviva Drescher angrily lashes out…and doesn’t stop and continues even after they return from the trip. The ladies are shown meeting in various twosomes and threesomes, discussing and analyzing and rehashing and re-rehashing the trip. The only scene where the ladies are not seen discussing St. Barts is when Ramona Singer arrives at Sonja Morgan’s house and Sonja reveals she is nervous about Friday, when she will be seeing her ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, for the first time since 2006.

The purpose of the meeting? To discuss her divorce settlement. But Sonja admits she is more nervous and excited about the emotional aspect of seeing him again, and brushes off the financial aspect (and stated purpose of the meeting) by saying she hopes her lawyers “have their shit together.”

Sonja admits that they barely even talk on the phone, except when it comes to discussing their daughter, but says, “I’m hoping he feels my energy,” and excitedly debates out loud what she should wear: a suit? He likes a little decollete, oh, and her hair and make-up must be perfectly groomed.

Meanwhile, when interviewed, a concerned Ramona hopes that Sonja may let her emotions get in the way of finalizing her divorce settlement, which is important because she currently has a $7 million dollar judgement against her, which she was court-ordered to pay last summer, despite the fact that she filed for bankruptcy to protect her assets in late 2010. “The divorce was not her decision, she was still in love with him,” notes Ramona, “and she still does love him.”

Meanwhile, Sonja admits that if she does not get a divorce settlement, she could lose her beautiful Upper-East Side townhouse, but says she just wants to be friends with him again, because he was her best friend and she misses him.

But judging by the previews for next week’s episode, Sonja’s attitude does a complete 180 in next week’s episode, which show a determined-looking Sonja angrily screaming into her phone, “I’m gonna pay my debt, I’m gonna get every frigging penny he owes me and I’m gonna sue my ex’s ass!”

It is unclear if the conversation took place before or after the meeting, but if after, it’s safe to say the meeting did not go well and if before, then Sonja apparently came to her senses and plans on walking into this meeting with a new attitude!

What do you think, readers? Are you excited?

3 responses to “RHONYC: What’s Going To Happen Between Sonja Morgan and Her Ex?”

  1. Alex D. says:

    I read the court papers. First, Sonja has both a $7M judgment against here for FRAUD (and with interest being on it will be more) and also, she sued her lawyer in the case for malpractice (in an arbitration) and LOST, and now she has to pay their attorneys’ fees of over $1M as well.

    She used to be a restaurant hostess. She married for money. She embarrassed the guy all over Europe with her bad behavior, and he dumped her.

    She’s a lush and a parasite and a mooch and her incompetence finally got the best of her. No sympathy here.

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  3. cindy peskoff says:

    No question sonja is a gold digger, Her husband 30 yrs her senior was not marrying her for her brain. But what’s worse than that she thinks she thinks she has a pedigree from her previous husband. I mean he met her in a restaurant as a hostess, which is an honorable job( at least she was working) But for her to be dubbed socialite status is a joke. Especially when she shows no self control with her drinking and screwing everything that has a pulse. I THINK SHE SHOULD PACK IT IN.