Rihanna Releases Sexually Explicit Duet With Chris Brown

Rihanna Releases Sexually Explicit Duet With Chris Brown

We were surprised when Chris Brown was amongst the guests at Rihanna‘s birthday party at her Beverly Hills home last week but we are even more surprised now that we have heard a remix of her track ‘Birthday Cake.’  In the song Chris Brown says ‘he wants to “f**k” Rihanna.’

Chris was convicted of assaulting Rihanna, when she was his girlfriend, in February 2009 but that seems not to matter to Rihanna anymore since she has reunited with Chris on ‘Birthday Cake’ where he makes number of sexually explicit boasts, and fueling rumors they have rekindled their romance.

On the track, released on Rihanna’s birthday yesterday, Chris says: “Girl I wanna f**k you right now / Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body.  Let me turn the lights down / when I go down it’s a private party.  Ooh, it’s not even her birthday / but I wanna lick the icing off / Give it to her in the worst way / Can’t wait to blow her candles out.”

Rihanna also repeats the refrain: “It’s not even my birthday, but you wanna put your name on it / oh baby I like it / its do exciting, don’t try to hide it / I’m gonna make you my bitch.”

She also says later in the song: “Remember how you did it?/ If you still wanna kiss it / then come and get it.”

Rihanna also responded to thank Chris when he wrote “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN! (sic)” on twitter, and they have also worked on another track, where she appearing on a remix of his song ‘Turn Up the Music’, which is much a more family friendly song.

Guest Katia C tweeted: “If Cupid was here he would be very happy everyone @Rihanna bday party was coupled up.  All I can say, CB was invited and she was acting like the happiest girl on her birthday and probably got what she asked for.”

The other conclusion to all of this  is that Rihanna is looking for trouble if she allows Chris Brown back into her life.  What do you think?  Sound out in the comments below and let us know!

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  • you pple should grow up,you keep accusing CB as if you are above mistake.i don’t think CB is first Male to lay his hand on Female,why is chris brown different.For goodness sake,pple should move on and forget February 2009,we are in 2012