Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Prepare for Long Distance Relationship: Romantic Disaster on the Horizon?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Prepare for Long Distance Relationship: Romantic Disaster on the Horizon?
After spending several months working on his rekindled relationship with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson is about to face what will perhaps be the true make or break situation for them, he has to return to work. Filming is set to begin on Rover shortly after the holidays wrap up, but here’s the thing — Rob will spend three months working on the film in Australia. The couple is supposedly trying to sync their schedules so that Kristen can visit Rob on set a lot, but the majority of their time will be spent apart.

This is where that whole reconciliation thing will be tested. We’ve heard that trust issues keep popping up — and that’s when Rob is nearby. How on earth is he going to be able to trust this home-wrecking cheater when she’s a bazillion miles away? It’s one thing for him to be able to keep an eye on her. Knowing for sure where she’s at has probably helped him to believe that things might be okay. But when Rob has to run on blind faith and pure trust, well, will he be able to really do it?

Does Kristen deserve it? She had that public affair with Rupert Saunders, but before that there were a series of rumors about her cheating with other guys, such as Taylor Lautner. Perhaps most important is the fact that infidelity is a pattern for the soup puss.

A lot of people seem to have forgotten that when Kristen and Rob first got together, he was actually the other guy! She was in a long, committed relationship when she and Rob started hooking up on the DL. How on earth is he ever going to trust her not to play while he’s away? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Is *another* Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart break up on the horizon?

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  • I hope Rob finds someone that he can really trust . I think
    kristin is into only herself. She will never find a man like
    Rob again. I hope only the best for him. I really don’t believe
    she is mature enough to handle a long distance relationship.

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  • Aussie

    I think they will survive. Especially if she is working on finding time to visit Rob here in Australia. I don’t think Kristen will cheat on him again not after all the effort she put in to get him back. She wouldn’t be that stupid. I think people should give her some credit. Rob wants to be able to trust her than this is the time. She never did have a relationship with Taylor Lautner or Kellan Lutz for that matter. They have both come out and said so. Yes she hung out with them and their friends that is all. People should stop saying she is to immature. Is this what people are themselves immature. Maybe they should do a Brad and Angelina. When one works the other doesn’t. Visa Versa.

  • Fetter

    They got together just to please their fans during BD2 promo. Now they are apart – he’s in England, she’s in US. Filming in Australia will be used as an excuse to the final break-up. The point is – he didn’t really get over her cheating, it was obvious during BD2 press, nothing was the same.

  • faithful

    You know what I think is really funny, Rob has gotten away with cheating on Kristen for 3 years but those trysts were so old the tabloids were’nt interested. But now they are going to have thier eye on him in Austrailia and he won’t be able to get away with anything. I can’t wait for the first pictures of Rob and Emile de Ravin together, maybe people will wake up !

  • faithful

    It’s funny you blame Kristen for cheating on michael angarano. Rpatz was 4 years older than 18 year old Kristen before he inserted himself into Kristens life. I blame the 22 year old man for minipulating a teenager so he could break up Micheal and Kristens relationship and have the teen age girl all to himself !! Does that sound like something an english gentleman would do ? Pattinson should have been roasted by the media for all the crap he has pulled, but nothing worse than hanging Kristen out to dry for her so called cheating. Some how I think Micheal Angarano is somewhere laughing at Pattinson for pulling the same crap on him that Rupert pulled on Rob ! Broken heart my ass !

  • faithful

    Thanks alot for posting my comments, what didn’t I meet your approval